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Home Invasion-A Cottage Industry?

Recently five members of the “Goonz” gang were arrested for a series of home invasions in Roanoke, Virginia. In the Article they went on to describe home invasion as a cottage industry in that city.

We have seen statistics that show that home burglary is on the rise. But this seems to indicate that home invasion has taken a new turn for the worse. Home invasions almost always involve violence of some kind everything from assaults to rapes to murder. With gangs involved you know there has to be drugs and with drugs there are usually guns.

So they are all coming together in a new, more violent version of the home invasion.

Homeowners need to be more cautious when they open their front door. They also need to take preventative steps to make their homes less attractive as a target. Start or join a neighborhood watch program.

And maybe the best thing you can do to prevent a home burglary or home invasion is to install a HOME SECURITY CAMERA by your front door.

Don’t be a victim. Protect your home, your family-your most precious assets.

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