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6 Security Tips for Home Protection

home security camera view on screen

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The life of a homeowner can be an arduous one. Rather than renting an apartment, responsibilities lie solely on you. You pay for all of the utilities, you cover property taxes, and you take care of the repairs—or pay a professional to do them for you.

You’re also liable to ensure your home remains safe at all times. Not just from the weather; you need to take the time to guarantee that your home is protected against intruders. 

Improving home security doesn’t have to all be done at once, though. Minor improvements can help protect your home by leaps and bounds, but an implementation of numerous methods can work to protect your home against any possible intrusion, ensuring you have deterrents and safeguards in place. 

Here are six simple ways to begin improving your home security:

1. Fake Alarm Sign in Yard

    Home security systems are made apparent by the signs that come installed outside of an owner’s home—a warning to any potential thief that they will be caught if they attempt to break in. Sometimes this can be enough of a deterrent to keep your house safe.

    In this case, you could consider placing a fake alarm sign out in your yard to try to scare off potential intruders. While it shouldn’t be your only form of protection, it can be enough to deter a good majority of criminals from inspecting your property any further. 

    2. Alarm Systems

    Keep the fake alarm sign in the front yard and take things a step further by installing an alarm system in your home. New smart home technology has advanced the capabilities of these systems far beyond what we once knew. 

    Enhancements in technology now allow these systems to do more than just notify local public safety when an intrusion is detected. New systems allow you to monitor activity from an app, whether by tablet or smartphone. So you can arm and disarm your security system even when you’re not home, all while being able to monitor trips when they happen.

    man setting alarm on wall

    Source: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

    3. Safes

    Important personal documents that need to be kept safe? Family heirlooms you want to protect when you and your spouse are headed off for vacation? 

    In-home safes are one of the best options to protect your valuables in the event of a break-in. Even if all of the other home security options are breached, you can still take the effort to protect the items that matter most to you.  

    4. Security Lights

    The last thing an intruder wants to have happen is to be seen. Outdoor security lights make sure that any passerby is illuminated in the early morning or late at night. Often motion-activated, they will trigger on when an object passes within their field of view, making sure that intruders know they have been seen. Modern lights even have enhanced capabilities to tell the difference between animals and humans, meaning they turn on only when it matters most. 

    5. Surveillance Cameras

    Let’s take illumination a step further. Security cameras will keep a watchful eye over your home, capturing footage of ongoing events to preserve evidence of a break-in or theft. And just like modern smart home alarm systems, new-age surveillance systems can be monitored and controlled from a Wi-Fi-connected device, allowing you to check in on the status of your home even while you’re around the globe on a business trip. 

    6. Flashlights 

    Heard a bump in the night? Has your alarm system been triggered while you’re asleep? You might want to investigate, but you’ll need a light source to do so safely. 

    Keep a couple of flashlights here and there in your house to make night-time investigations easier and safer than ever before. They’ll come in handy if you ever lose power, too, allowing your family to safely navigate your home even when the lights are out. 

    technician discussing camera with couple

    Source: SpeedKingz / Shutterstock

    Improving the security of your home takes some time, but that effort will pay off. Although you won’t see the enhancements made, their existence is all that’s required. The presence of these deterrents will help to protect your home against criminals, keeping your home and family safe from anyone looking to commit a break-in. 

    Have some ideas for home security improvements but aren’t sure what products are right for you? Consider checking out the available home security inventory at The Home Security Superstore, where we specialize in protecting your home from top to bottom. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Home Protection:

    How is my home vulnerable? 

    Vulnerability comes from weaknesses, such as not having a home security system, leaving windows open when you’re out of the house, and not upgrading old door locks. 

    What can I do to improve my home security? 

    You need to make efforts to improve it rather than waiting for your home security to be breached. Consider installing a home security system, improving your home’s locks, and more.  

    What are some of the best tools for home security? 

    Some of the best tools for home security include surveillance, smart home security systems, outdoor security lights, and an office safe to secure important documents.

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