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Home and Business Security – Features of a Good Safe

A safe is generally recognized as the best way to secure valuables. Banks and casinos use them to keep their cash and many hotels have safes in every room for their guests. If you own a business, your insurance company may insist on you having a safe. Many homeowners are having safes built into their homes to secure their valuables.

But when you are ready to purchase a safe, here are some things for you to consider for home security or business security.

A fireproof safe is specially designed to withstand temperatures as high as 1750° for a period of two hours or more and control the environment within the safe. This is done by beefing up the insulation in the walls of the safe and making smoke seals around the door that can expand in a fire. For business owners your insurance company will dictate the specifications of a safe for your business. For homeowners a fireproof safe should withstand the 1750° for at least two hours. The longer the time period, the more expensive the safe.

If you are not so much concerned about fire as you are about simply protecting your valuables from theft, then you’re looking for a burglary safe that has thick steel walls and doors and can resist attacks using crowbars, torches and drills. A burglary safe’s rating is determined by how long it can stay secured against an expert with the best available equipment. The fact is a burglar will spend no more than 10 or 15 minutes inside a home. So if they can’t break into your safe in that time, chances are he will leave empty-handed

Pay attention to the interior dimensions of the safe. They will be significantly smaller than the exterior. Moisture can destroy a safe quicker than anything else and render it useless. Fire safes with all the added insulation are particularly susceptible to moisture. A fireproof safe would not do well in a basement that has a lot of moisture.

Maybe the most important part of the safe is the lock that secures the door from opening. The most popular styles have Electronic Locks digital or dial locks. A digital lock can be very helpful for users with poor eyesight or hand or wrist problems while the dial lock offers more possible combinations.

There is a difference between fireproof and fire resistant.

Safes that are designed for data and media will keep the inside temperature below 150°F.-perfect for photos, negatives, or stamp collections that will melt or be damaged at that temperature or higher.

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