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Fake Security Cameras for Your Home – The Top Three

There is little doubt among professionals who know about such things that home security cameras are one of the best things you can get for your home to improve your home security to prevent home invasions and home burglary. And even though they are less expensive than they were even a decade ago they still can be hundred dollars or more often running to $300. And you need two of them-one for your front door, one for your back door.

A lot of people are so stressed out these days with the economy. Maybe they don’t have a job; maybe their mortgage is upside down. Who knows why? But money is tight, tight for everybody. Enter dummy cameras. Dummy cameras are a great way to improve your security of your home or even your business security and it is cheap home security.

Fake cameras or dummy cameras are so realistic that most people cannot detect the real from the fake version. They rotate, they have blinking LED lights and they just look like the real thing. But then again that’s a whole idea. They are much more realistic looking than they were even a few years ago.

There are hundreds of them on the market today because the business has grown so much and the demand for good quality products is huge. Here are the top three dummy cameras for home security-cheap home security. Here are the top three.

First is the moon mirror with three flashing LEDs. It’s a full view convex mirror and simulated CCTV camera lens in one. You can install it easily with a standard screwdriver, no wiring is needed. It measures 8 inches in diameter. Each LED light needs two AA batteries. It can be used in a retail store, factory, business, school, hotel or warehouse setting. Use it with a real surveillance system to make it look like a larger area is being monitored.

The next one is the Streetwise fake camera for indoor CCTV with LEDs. This camera adjusts to any angle with no wiring needed. It is identical to the CCTV cameras used in banks and convenience stores. It looks completely realistic and has a 24-hour flashing LED.

But the most popular one is the 8 inch Dummy Dome Camera with a flashing LED light. It is meant to be outdoors with the outdoor look. It runs on batteries so no wiring is needed. This 8 inch diameter camera is difficult to miss. The red flashing light and the size make this camera invisible to no one. And that is the idea-you want everybody to see it. It is great for any situation that calls for a high-speed dome camera.

These dummy cameras are so realistic that no one can tell the difference. They provide cheap home security; cheaper than regular security cameras.

We invite you to check all of our Fake Security Cameras.

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