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Motion Detector Alarm Systems – The Top Three

There are all kinds of home security alarms on the marketplace today; motion detector alarms, motion detector auto dialer alarms, driveway alarms, window and door sensors, wireless alarm systems and miscellaneous alarms that include a swimming pool alarm. They are all very good and they are competitively priced which makes having a home security alarm of any kind affordable.

Some of the best home security alarms are motion detector alarms. There are thousands of home security alarms on the marketplace and probably hundreds of different motion detector alarms. We are going to talk about three of the most popular ones.

First is the Mace motion detector with keypad that is a wireless alarm you can hook up by yourself. It has motion detection with a programmable security code keypad. When motion is detected through the passive infrared sensor range of 120 degrees, a 105 dB blast siren goes off. It can also be used in retail stores as a two-tone visitor chime. Mounting screws and hanging hardware are included.

Second is the all Home Safe laser beam sensor alarm. This idea is so simple it’s almost laughable. It has an invisible infrared beam that goes up to 60 feet between two units: one is a transmitter and one is a receiver. When somebody breaks that infrared beam a loud alarm goes off. For retail store owners there is another setting that allows you to set up a pleasant chime when somebody enters your store. It can be used in a multitude of ways, including protecting little ones from going outside a protected area.

The most famous motion detector alarm for home security or business security, for that matter, is the electronic watchdog. It is also known as Barking Dog Alarm It can sense movement through walls, doors or glass to alert you of an intruder. The radar sensitivity and volume are adjustable. When someone enters the protected area the sound of a barking, growling dog starts. The remote control allows you to arm or disarm the system from a distance. It uses the same technology as law enforcement officials use for radar detection. It can be used in a home or business setting to protect a warehouse or office.

Police officials will tell you that the sound of a barking dog is the best way to prevent home burglary or home invasion. If you have ever been confronted by a growling dog you know why this home security alarm is so effective at scaring away the bad guys.

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