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Dog Attack Defense-The Scram Patrol

The problem of dog attacks on humans in United States is growing as the number of animals is increasing. There are over 1 million dog bites reported every year with nearly half of those people requiring hospitalization. With the number of people who are out walking, cycling, jogging for exercise and just recreation increasing, dog bites and dog attacks are going up correspondingly.

There is a new tool on the market that is shaped like a gun that is a dog and cat repeller. It works on squirrels, coyotes and wolves too. It has a targeting laser that when pointed at the animal makes a discomforting but not harmful sounds. It works up to 20 feet away and is ultrasonic so neighbors cannot hear it.

It also works as a training device for dogs to help emphasize verbal commands.

It may also work on deer that damage gardens and plants on countless millions of homes around the country.

Get The Scram Patrol today for only $17.95.

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