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Child Safety-Best Four Products To Protect Your Kids

To any parent out there who has kids, you know all the dangers that they are confronted with on a daily basis. And kids will be kids! They are naturally curious and adventuresome. One thing about them that you will learn if you don’t already know this is that they are fearless. So they require some outside supervision and all the help taking care of them to keep them safe. Here are four tools that can help protect your kids.

1. Bike Lights.

These bike lights can be seen from over 200 feet away and have automatic left and right turn signals. They are easy to mount on any seat post. The batteries will give up to 50 hours of usage. This is one of the best safety devices for bikes. And what kid doesn’t have a bike?

2. Portable Fence Barrier.

Not every home has a fenced in yard. With this highly visible water resistant nylon netting you can create a visual boundary for your own kids and for the neighborhood. It creates an easy to see barrier that can stop balls, pets or kids from going out into the street or into the driveway. If you don’t need it anymore, roll it up for easy storage and portability. It is 3 feet high and 20 feet long and acts as a great way to protect your kids when playing outdoors.

3. The Child Guard.

This is an electronic device inside a cute little cuddly panda bear worn by the child. It sends out a signal to the receiver which is held by an adult. The signal is adjustable from three to 21 feet. If the child goes beyond that distance the receiver held by the adult starts to beep.

Most parents have experienced a child wandering away in a park, in a grocery store, department store or just about anywhere. There is nothing that can strike fear in the hearts of parents faster than the thought of a missing child. The Child Guard Alarm is the best way to put those fears to rest.

4. Pool Protector Pool Alarm.

California has more drowning accidents from children one to four than any other state in the country. Over 900 kids every year die in drowning accidents. Most of those occur in backyard swimming pools. The pool protector is a high-tech monitoring system that sounds an alarm if somebody falls into an unsupervised pool. The alarm sounds inside the house from the remote receiver and at the pool. If anyone should try and remove the device the alarm sounds.

The Home Security Superstore is one of the oldest and largest independent distributors of high quality home security, surveillance, spy, self-defense, survival and Child Safety Products like the Child Guard Alarm.

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