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Burglary Prevention Tips – Cheap and Effective Techniques

It’s almost impossible to go through a day without seeing a commercial on television or an ad in a paper or magazine for a home security company or product. The reason for that is simple. The home security business is rapidly approaching $63 billion a year in sales. Part of the reason that home security is such a huge business is because home burglary is so easy to accomplish. Most homeowners don’t even lock their doors and windows so gaining access to a home is really a piece of cake.

And even if a burglar is caught, the penalties are close to laughable. They provide absolutely no disincentive to commit another crime. And again the chances of getting caught are pretty slim. An experienced burglar can get in and out of a home in less than 10 minutes.

When the average value of goods taken in a home burglary is over $1700, it is easy to see why home burglary is so popular. It’s easy and lucrative too.

The best way to prevent burglary is to improve your home security to a point where a burglar who is casing your property doesn’t want to take a chance on getting caught. There are outward signs the burglars look for when casing a neighborhood to spot the easiest homes to burglarize. And why would they pick a home that looks difficult?

When a burglar is casing a neighborhood looking for easy targets, he looks for things like a sign that announces there are security cameras or a security system in place. If it is at night, he may look for signs or a signal that people are at home such as lights that go on and off periodically. He may also look for spotlights on the outside. Burglars don’t like light, especially when they’re trying to do their dirty deeds at night. And most of all burglars don’t like security cameras. So if they see a security camera they more than likely will pick someone else’s house. These are all signals that this is not an easy house to break into.

So for home security, rather than get a security system, why not just get a sign that says you have one? Instead of real security cameras that can be expensive, why not get the fake ones or dummy security cameras? They are a fraction of the cost and look just like the real thing. And then if you’re gone and want to have lights go on and off at periodic times to give the impression that someone is at home, consider getting a Random Timer.

All these cheap security products work at improving your home security in preventing possible burglaries at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

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