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Amazing Self-Defense Stories

In today’s article we are going to give you several examples of how self-defense products are used-self-defense stories as it were. Every day across the United States and throughout the world, self-defense products are the main legal way that people use a nonlethal tool to defend themselves. Not everybody is comfortable with using a handgun in just about any assault situation. As a matter of fact, handguns are not even appropriate in close to 90% of assaults.

The purpose of self-defense products is to temporarily disable/distract an assailant long enough for you to escape a potentially dangerous situation. Pepper sprays do it chemically using Oleoresin Capsicum and are close to 90% effective. Loud personal alarms use noise to draw attention to your situation and scare away an attacker. And stun devices use electricity provided by batteries to disable an assailant with close to 90% effectiveness. Tasers are in a category by themselves but are an amped up form of stun device with close to 100% effectiveness.

In our article entitled ‘A Taser Is A Stun Gun But A Stun Gun Is Not Necessarily A Taser’ we explained in great detail the similarities and differences between a normal stun gun and a Taser gun. As you will see in the article, the differences are substantial.

Our first example today is from San Diego where a man grabbed a female pedestrian from a local roadside and sexually assaulted her until she pepper sprayed him and broke free. The assailant jumped the woman as she was leaving her car. After she sprayed him he let her go and ran off.

New York City jail guards reported more use of force against inmates in 2014 than ever before. Almost 11 incidents a day on average were reported where corrections officers used force including pepper spraying inmates to gain control of the situation. Officers are required to fill out forms for use of force every time there’s a confrontation with inmates including when they are separating two or more inmates fighting each other. Pepper spray is the most commonly used product by corrections officers in the performance of their duties. Federal prosecutors are looking to clean up what they call a “deep-seated culture of violence” by guards in corrections facilities.

In another example Sheriff’s officers were called to a gas station after someone reported a man there assaulting patrons and taking his clothes off. In an unusual parking lot assault the suspect who was nude refused to comply with officers and became aggressive. That’s when they used a Taser device to subdue the suspect. Not surprisingly, officers found drugs and drug paraphernalia in the suspect’s car.

We offer a much more detailed explanation of what self-defense products are in our comprehensive article entitled ‘The Ultimate Guide For The Most Popular Self-Defense Products’

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How have you used self-defense products? Please share your experience.

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