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Today’s offer: : :
 10% Off Expandable Striking Batons Code: BAT10

Improve Your Home Security With A Motion Activated Floodlight

More people are paying attention to the security of their homes with various home security devices. The reason: home burglary and home invasions are on the increase. One of the best ways you can improve your home security is with a motion activated floodlight.

The bad guys don’t like areas that are well lit. This motion activated floodlight has a surprise in it. It has a DVR and a microphone. Audio and video are recorded to an SD card. When motion is detected, the light comes on and so does the audio and video recording. There are multiple settings allowing you to adjust sensitivity, audio alerts and the type of mode you want to record.

The weatherproof design of the floodlight has a 180° motion activation range up to 10 meters or close to 33 feet. The unit has two audio alarms and a 90° field of view. All the audio and video is time and date stamped.

When you’re looking to improve your home security this Motion Activated Floodlight may be the answer for you

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