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Catch That Cheating Employee

It is just a fact unfortunately, that employees will steal from their places of employment. Employee theft and customer theft, a.k.a. shoplifting account for 70% of all business losses. SEVENTY PERCENT.

It is tough enough running a small business with government intervention, taxes, etc. etc. It is difficult enough to make ends meet under ordinary circumstances. Throw in employee theft and it could be the difference between you staying in business and locking the doors.

I have spent the majority of my life running my own business or managing a business for other people so I have seen firsthand how creative and conniving employees can be.

In my humble opinion the very best way to catch a cheating employee is with a covert spy camera. There are several models available. But my favorite is the one with the DVR hidden inside.

The Overhead Smoke Detector Covert Camera allows the view of cashiers’ sticky fingers and is the best way to catch somebody ripping money off from your cash register.

Of course there are other covert spy cameras that can work for you at catching bad employees like the Coke can, the ball point pen, an AM/FM radio, the tissue box, alarm clock, mini clock, and even a BIC lighter. You may be amazed that the variety of Covert Spy Cameras that are available, many for under $150.

Catch that cheating employee-don’t be a victim anymore!

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