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Where are the Hidden Cameras Hiding?

Hidden cameras have been around for a long time. One of the first uses was as a tool for the CIA back in World War II. Undercover agents used hidden spy cameras of all kinds as a way of getting the information they needed and turning agents to their side. Other law enforcement agencies such as the FBI have been using hidden cameras for decades in sting operations.

Things have changed a lot in the last 70 years since spy cameras first came into play. Back then there were so expensive and so complicated that you needed a PhD and a pile of money just to operate them. That’s one of the reasons why the government was one of the main users of spy cameras. With advances in technology, hidden cameras and home hidden cameras have become a staple of home security and business security.

What makes home hidden cameras so effective is the fact that no one really knows for sure where they are hiding. They can literally be anywhere. All you need is a common object that people are used to seeing every day, put a small board camera in it and presto you have yourself a spy camera.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about. In a normal room you are liable to see a clock radio, a wall clock, desk lamp, baseball cap, a man’s tie, ball point pen, tissue box, wristwatch, smoke detector and many other items. All of these can be hidden spy cameras. And not just your normal garden-variety spy camera but many of them have DVRs built right into them. Some even have tiny microphones to record audio.

The point is that you never know where a hidden camera is. That is precisely what makes them so effective. A good example of a new spy camera is the iPod Docking Station hidden camera.

This is a fully functioning iPod dock station that you use to charge your iPods. But inside is a hidden camera with a 3.7 mm pinhole lens and a DVR that uses an 8 GB SD card to record video. To show how effective it is, this is also an AM/FM radio. It uses Apple’s Universal dock which is compatible with iPods dock connector. Aim the iPod dock station in the direction you want to record and use the remote control to start recording. To play back the video use the SD card in your PC or the RCA connector cable to watch it on your TV.

Be on your best behavior because you never know when you may be on hidden camera.

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