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Using Pepper Spray Illegally-A Dumb Idea!

I have always intuitively thought that shopping on Black Friday was dangerous. Now I have proof. Apparently a woman who was shopping for an Xbox in Los Angeles was afraid that people were gaining an advantage on her because of her size. So what’s a woman to do? Take out her pepper spray, spray your competitors and go to the front of the line.

You can read the whole story Right Here.

Anyone who buys a self-defense weapon like pepper spray should know that to use it for our offensive purposes is illegal. It is strictly a defensive weapon. But lately there’s been way too many stories about people who are using it for the wrong purposes.

So for the record, using your pepper spray to gain advantage in a crowded store to get your favorite product is a dumb idea and, I might add, illegal. I hope they find the lady and throw her in jail.

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