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This Is The World’s Smallest DVR

There are many times when a small recording device can come in handy. Video recording devices fall into two categories hidden and not hidden. Most hidden spy cameras these days have DVR built right into them so you don’t need an external video recording device. That not only makes the process easier but it also actually ends up saving you money.

When you’re looking to get a small recording device make sure you check out the world’s smallest DVR. It can do things that some DVRs are not capable of doing. First of all it is very portable which makes it perfect for private investigators or undercover operatives. Law enforcement agencies use these because the picture quality is so good.

The world’s smallest DVR is only 2 inches wide. But the picture quality that it produces (640 x 480) gives you very good quality resolution. Some competitors claim to be the smallest but their picture quality is so inferior as to make them worthless. On top of that they are not smaller.

What you record on this small recording device can be played back on a full-size screen with no quality loss which makes it perfect for documenting any situation that you may need to play back for court appearances for example.

Bullying has become a huge issue these days and not just with kids. Bullying takes many forms and it can come in the workplace. More often than not bullying prevention is a snap with the world’s smallest DVR. It can document the scene for legal purposes rather than a “he said, she said” situation as are most bullying situations.

The World’s Smallest DVR can support up to a 4 GB on a SD card which will get you 45 hours of recording time at low resolution and 14 hours of high resolution video.

The VGA resolution is the same as your PC’s standards so picture quality is absolutely perfect.

It has 45 MB’s of built-in memory and comes with a USB cable, a wall charger and an audio video in/out cable.

Don’t be fooled by the claims of other small DVRs. Do your homework and check out this unit. When you compare apples to apples not only is this the world’s smallest DVR but it produces the best picture quality that you can get.

When you need a small recording device for bullying prevention and documentation, the world’s smallest DVR is for you.

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