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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Expandable Batons

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Expandable Batons

2020 has been a strange year for the U.S. Beyond the continuing effects of COVID-19, violent crime statistics show a rise in assaults across American cities—the first increase in many years. These statistics are cause for concern, especially among citizens who wonder whether it is a sign that this will be a continuing trend. 

Whatever the conditions, you should take measures to protect yourself on a daily basis, whether it’s against the continuing growth of national unrest or everyday robberies and assaults. One of the best ways you can protect yourself is by carrying a self-defense weapon. 

The best self-defense weapons to carry on you are the ones that are versatile: non-lethal weapons that serve multiple purposes and ensure that you have a means of protection when it matters most. 

One of our favorite self-defense tools is the expandable baton. Available in various sizes, both compact and expanded, the expandable baton has been shown to be highly effective when put to the test. Here is your ultimate guide to understanding expandable batons, seeing what’s available, and buying the right one for you.   

What are Expandable Batons?

Batons have long been used by U.S. police departments for good reason: They provide users with a non-lethal weapon that can stop an aggressive person or animal while allowing users to keep their distance. In the case of a reactive, violent criminal, police can swing their baton at them to cause physical pain, hopefully stopping them through force and nerve disruption. 

The batons we tend to see in police dramas are the old-school ones—batons of a rigid length that can be swung and used to intimidate. But times have changed, and so have the construction and look of batons. 

Nowadays, people looking for a non-lethal self-defense weapon can rely on an expandable baton. Rather than maintaining a rigid length, these batons are designed to be compact, allowing them to be stored underneath the driver’s seat of a vehicle, in a handbag, or on someone’s hip for easy deployment and usage. 

These products remain inconspicuous when undeployed, allowing users to go about their lives without bringing attention to themselves. However, in case of trouble, they would have a self-defense weapon at the ready that could protect against potential assault or robbery. 

Expandable Batons

Batons in The Home Security Superstore’s inventory can expand up to 31” in length but come in a variety of sizes. Some batons are more compact than others; some expand to great lengths; some are made of different materials of construction; some are lighter than others, and some have multiple uses beyond striking. 

So what is it that makes them so great as a non-lethal self-defense weapon? 

Protect Yourself with an Effective Expandable Baton

Expandable batons are great when put into the right hands. Their added length makes it easy to protect yourself while keeping your distance, while their durable and sleek nature makes it easy to inflict swift, forceful strikes. This protective device is an ideal way to remain protected at all times, allowing you to carry one in secret while also reacting with just the flick of your wrist. 

How to Use Expandable Batons

Expandable batons have many different uses, but its primary purpose is to always help you avoid harm. Here are the primary ways that expandable batons are used. 

  • For Intimidation
  • Sometimes flashing a self-defense weapon at an aggressor can be enough to deter them. Most times, victims are chosen based on the simple matter of how likely they are to fight back—i.e.,  are you a threat or not? Flashing a weapon is an easy way to cause an assailant to run, as they’re not usually looking for a fight. 

  • For Causing Pain 
  • Batons are not used solely to injure a person—as in to break a bone. Most times, they are used to control an out-of-control person. Police rely on batons to strike individuals as a warning. It’s a means of causing physical pain, hoping it will stop a person before a situation deteriorates.  

  • For Immobilizing Subjects 
  • Under some conditions, people you encounter are not going to be deterred by your interaction with them. This includes assailants who are far larger than you or aggressive people who are clearly intoxicated due to drugs or alcohol. Under such conditions, you may need to incapacitate the people, immobilizing them to ensure they can not hurt you.

    These circumstances will call for a strike at the bones. These swings should be made hard, as you’re attempting to physically injure the person when striking. These hard strikes can potentially break a bone, but, to a lesser extent, they can cause hairline fractures or deep bone bruising. Such strikes will cause serious pain that will stop the aggressor, or they might break one of their bones, causing them to physically stop and not cause further irreversible injury. 

  • For Lethality 
  • Batons are considered non-lethal, but the more accurate term is less-lethal. What’s meant by this is that batons are used as non-lethal weapons: They are used to deter or immobilize violent individuals. But, if a situation is dire enough, a baton can be used for lethal purposes.

    tactical police baton

    This is why they are considered as less-lethal, because where you strike matters, as it could be a lethal strike. The place that could make the strike lethal is the head. Serious harm can be caused if a person is struck in the head. Such a strike could break their skull or cause brain damage, a seizure, or a stroke. A hard-enough blow with a baton to the head could very well kill a person. 

    This is good to keep in mind, as a baton owner, since you want to be deliberate about where you strike a person—and for what reason. It could change your fate in the court of law, regarding the use of a baton for self-defense or assault. And if you strike recklessly enough, especially if it is clear you were not in danger, you could potentially have a lethal hit.

    For this reason, you should avoid strikes to the head; however, you should consider one if you are in a situation where you do not see an escape—a situation where your life is truly in danger. Under such circumstances, you can consider making such a blow. Such a strike is sure to stop a person, especially if landed correctly. 

    Situations When Expandable Batons Are Used

    Related to the uses of expandable batons, batons can be and are used in the following situations:

    • An attempted robbery
    • A home invasion
    • An aggressive dog
    • While exercising
    • A drunk/intoxicated individual 
    • A violent aggressor

    The situations are varied, but it can really be used in any situation where you’re being threatened. If it ever seems as if your life is being threatened, including verbal threats that appear to be becoming physical, you can react with an expandable baton to protect yourself. 

    Types of Expandable Batons

    Types of Expandable Batons

    There are varied types of expandable batons available on the market, but here are the most common types that can be found in inventory available at The Home Security Superstore: 

    • Steel Batons – Durable and tough, these can extend from 9 5/8 inches to 26 inches, with the flick of a wrist. 
    • Automatic Expandable Batons – With the press of a button, your solid steel baton extends to 21 inches. Manufactured in Taiwan, this will be more reliable and durable than the batons produced in China.
    • Expandable Baton Flashlight – Extending from 12 ½ inches to 21 ¼ inches, this expandable baton is a reliable option to keep your distance. But it gets even better than that. An included flashlight provides vision in the dark, and added crackling electrodes emit one million volts of power, temporarily paralyzing assailants in the process.
    • Self Defense Keychain baton – One of the most compact options, with the ability to be stored on your keychain and either on your hip or in your pocket, thanks to its 5 ½ inch length that expands to 12 inches with the flick of the wrist. 

    How the Brands Stack Up to One Another 

    • Police Force Tactical Used by police officers and security guards all around the globe, Police Force Tactical batons are ideal self-defense weapons. Made out of high-quality steel, these expandable batons are lightweight, durable, and powerful. If you need to stop a large, aggressive individual, this is the self-defense tool for the job. 

    • Rothco® batons are made out of solid steel. But the upgrades provided increase, thanks to the various features provided, including: a foam non-slip grip for increased retention and control; a friction lock system to ensure the baton remains rigid; and an LED light that helps you see in the dark while using the baton.

    • Streetwise™ changes the game when it comes to the construction of expandable batons. Their line of expandable batons is unique because they are paired with the design of a stun gun. Their expandable stun batons can deliver up to 30,000,000 volts of electricity to completely immobilize an attacker. A single strike can be enough to stop the most intoxicated, large, or aggressive individual. 

    Furthermore, an added LED bulb makes the stun baton also work as a traditional flashlight. And the bulb included in this device is serious, making it easy for you to see in the darkest conditions. 


  • ASP® Batons
  • ASP® introduces a new feature by providing expandable batons that are as compact as can be. Their concealed batons that can be as small as 6.5” in length while expanded all the way up to 16”. These batons are easy to use, quick to expand, and reliable whenever needed. Plus, their 7075 T6 aluminum body makes it ready to stand up to whatever it strikes against. 

  • Safety Tech
  • Safety Tech is another greatly reliable option in the expandable baton market. Their steel batons feature some of the most notable changes in length, with some being as small as 8” while others being able to expand to as far as 21”. That 13” difference can be a lifesaver in a quick situation, providing you with a baton that is easy to carry around and even simpler to expand and use. 

    Steel Baton

    Which expandable baton is best for me?

    As mentioned and shown, there are many different types of expandable batons available on the market. But which of the designs is best for you? 

  • Steel Expandable Baton
  • When you want something non-fuss, simple to expand, and easy to use, these are the ones for you. Stop aggressive individuals with a swift expandable baton strike to remain safe. 

  • Compact Expandable Baton
  • On-the-go and like to carry light? Compact expandable batons are the best option for you, allowing you to either store the baton in your pants pocket, on your belt loop, on your keychain, or in your purse or backpack. 

  • Expandable Stun Baton
  • When you want an added layer of protection. This stun gun device will provide millions of volts of electricity to stop any aggressor right in their tracks.  

  • Automatic Expandable Baton
  • Anyone who wants an immediately lengthened baton without the fuss of physically expanding. Instantaneous self-defense against an attacker. 

  • Expandable Baton with LED
  • If you’re looking for a 2-in-1 device, reach for a product that features an added LED light. This will help you illuminate your path when using your expandable baton under dark conditions. 

    home security hero

    Protect Yourself with an Expandable Baton

    The number of expandable batons available within the marketplace is large and modern expandable batons are great. Safety is their number one characteristic, providing you with a swift, simple means to remain protected no matter what situations you’re in. Consider researching the different types available here at The Home Security Superstore today. You just might find one that protects you one day.


    What is an expandable baton? 

    An expandable baton is a traditional rigid baton that has the ability to compact. Compared to fixed-length batons, expandable batons allow users to inconspicuously carry on a daily basis. To learn more about how expandable batons work, watch this informational video on how to open and close your expandable baton.

    What are expandable batons used for? 

    Expandable batons can serve a few purposes in dangerous situations: They can be used to intimidate; to cause pain through direct strikes to soft tissue and nerve centers; and to immobilize aggressors with heavy strikes.

    What situations can expandable batons be used in? 

    Batons should only be used in situations where your life is in danger—hence, acting out of self-defense. Situations can include a rabid dog, a mugger, an intoxicated and aggressive assailant, and more. 


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