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The Top Three Most Popular Automatic Batons

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Batons, a.k.a. “billy clubs” or nightsticks have been in use around the world since the mid-1800s. Back then they were used by police as an offensive weapon, but nowadays they are mostly used as a defense weapon. They are categorized basically as electrified and non-electrified models. Electrified models are gaining in popularity as stun technology improves.

The two most popular types of non-electrified batons are fixed batons that vary in length up to as much as 32 inches but those are giving way to the more popular expanding or automatic batons that are smaller and easier to carry. Non-electrified batons are made of much more durable materials such as nylon fiber fiberglass, stainless steel, polycarbonate materials, and even aluminum tubing. These durable materials are needed for these non-electrified batons because they are mostly used as striking weapons.

Many batons have functionality that may include alarms, bright LED lights or a stunning feature thereby increasing their value as a self-defense tool.

In today’s blog post we are introducing you to the top three most popular automatic batons.

The third most popular is the ASP brand disc loc baton that extends to 24 inches at the flick of a wrist and retracts by pushing a button. The disc loc system locks the baton firmly in place when it’s expanded. It is made out of high-quality virtually indestructible premium 4140 carbon steel and has a foam vinyl rubberized gun grip feel with a clean, smooth appearance. This is the same model used by law enforcement and security guards worldwide. It has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. ASP Batons form the foundation of the ASP product line.” For over 30 years the ASP brand has set the standard for law enforcement worldwide because of its dedication to producing quality products with innovative design and flawless function.

The second one on our list of most popular automatic batons is this automatic expanding baton that goes from 8 ¼ to 21 inches automatically with the push of a button. This model is made in Taiwan which produces far superior products compared to Chinese models. It is made out of solid steel construction for durability and force. This model is the same as the police force and security guard models used by those personnel in the United States. The fact that it retracts to 8 inches makes it easy to carry. It has the safety switch to prevent accidental opening. When retracting any baton, “simply bang the tip onto a hard surface such as concrete. Make sure that the baton is vertical and not at an angle when hitting it on the ground, or the baton could get damaged.”

The most popular automatic model is from Streetwise. It is an expandable, rechargeable multi-function baton. This baton is an excellent example of a triple function weapon because it includes a 3,000,000 volt stun device, bright flashlight, and 130 dB alarm all to provide you with three levels of protection. At the press of a button, it expands from 12 ½ inches to 21 ¼ inches with only the extended area electrified. It has rubberized easy grip handle and comes with an AC adapter for easy recharging. This is an excellent self-defense tool to carry in your car. It has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Any type of stun weapon, including stun batons, are not legal everywhere so check with your local law enforcement office before you buy one.

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