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The Never Ending Problem Of Campus Assaults

In a recent issue from the left wing magazine called “Mother Jones” comes a New Campus Assault Study which claims that campus assaults, especially for first year students, has reached “epidemic levels.” Of the close to 500 women who completed the questionnaire, one in seven first-year college students experienced incapacitated assault or rape and nearly one in ten have experienced forcible assault or rape.

Study after study reveals the same horrific stats on campus assaults despite the best efforts of many private and public organizations including the White House. It is an ever-ending problem with no solution in sight.

Those claims are not that much different from the ones that we quoted in my article from last year entitled ‘Congressional Report On College Campus Assaults’ which cited statistics from The Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) that is part of the Department of Justice which released a report that showed that among other stats:

  1. That the preponderance of assaults were by someone that the victim knew.
  2. The perpetrators were often multiple offenders mostly because they were never prosecuted in the first place.
  3. Close to 70% of all victims were drugged, drunk or otherwise incapacitated.
  4. Shockingly, less than 2% of the victims actually report it to law enforcement.

In this video, ABC news’ Diane Sawyer reported some of the most alarming figures from the Recent Congressional Report which include:

  • 40% of all institutions had not conducted a single investigation of sexual assault in the last five years.
  • 33% of schools did not provide basic sexual assault training to the people who sit in judgment of sexual assault claims.
  • Only 16% of schools conduct surveys of students to assess their attitudes towards sexual assaults on campus.
  • 43% of the nation’s largest public schools allow students to sit in judgment on sexual assault cases.

Many colleges and universities are implementing the Callisto Reporting System, a sexual assault reporting system that offers a confidential method for college sexual assault victims who want to submit a report to the authorities.

Victims can visit their college’s Callisto page and create an incident record and save it for later reporting or instantly notify an authority of their choice. Those saved for later release are time stamped. The whole system was introduced by the White House to help schools track incidents of sexual assaults over time and increase official reporting and identification of repeat offenders. The theory is that since nine of every ten assaults are committed by repeat offenders, if those assailants are stopped after their second assault, 60% of rapes would be prevented.

As noted above, one of the major problems with solving this dilemma is the lack of reporting. Students are fearful of reporting the incident because the perpetrator is more than likely a classmate. A felony conviction can mar a student’s reputation for life.

Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly blames the high incidence of sexual assaults on campus to the fact that there are now nearly twice as many women on campus compared to men than there were 40 years ago when she was in school.

In a more recent article that I did ‘Two Bizarre Proposals for The Campus Rape Epidemic’ the two proposals were to eliminate drinking on campus and to allow students to carry handguns. We thought those were over the top!

We are still of the opinion that sexual assaults on college campuses, which is a felony by the way, should be investigated by local police authorities instead of campus police who may be swayed in the investigation by the University that they work for.

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Do you know anyone who has been assaulted while in college? What do you think of those statistics? Are they for real? Chime in with your thoughts!

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