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Self Defense – The Many Types of Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays have origins that go back to literally thousands of years ago when the Chinese used to throw bags of hot spices at their enemies. More recently, chemical warfare was used in World War I. There were sporadic uses of dangerous chemicals by dictators on their citizens, e.g. Iraq in the 1980’s.

Defensive sprays as we know them today are relatively new with the approval of the FBI for use by its SWAT teams as recently as the 1980’s. In this article we’re going to discuss the different types of pepper spray in the hopes of clarifying what can be a confusing issue. It is sometimes called OC spray, for the main ingredient oleoresin capsicum, or defensive spray.

Some companies feel that the more OC in the product the more effective it will be. That is actually not true. The more OC as a percentage in a product, the longer it takes for it to react, and you want something that will react quickly.

The only real measurements that count as far as effectiveness of a pepper spray is concerned is the SHU rating and the percentage of CRC (capsaicin and related capsaicinoids).

OC spray is the main nonlethal self-defense product for women for female self-defense and for their personal security and personal safety. Since it is used mostly by women, that explains some of the styles and colors. A goodly portion of pepper sprays come in feminine colors-pink is the main one.

A lot of defensive sprays are disguised. The most popular ones are disguised as lipstick containers, perfume dispensers, batons, pens and for the athletic, walking weights. Defensive sprays can be generically broken down into two types: canister or guns. Canisters are by far the most common with guns coming in at distant second.

Although most pepper sprays are designed for female self-defense against a human assailant, there are defensive sprays that are specifically designed for use against dogs in dog attacks and bears for bear attacks. Bear pepper spray is something that you should never be without when going into the back country.

As mentioned the main ingredient is oleoresin capsicum but some sprays have CN teargas and UV marking dye that is useful in identifying an assailant later by police.

Most sprays are dispersed by a stream but there are different disbursement methods such as a spray, mist, gel and foam.

It used to be less confusing but now there are so many choices, it can get muddled.

The Perfume Pepper Spray is especially popular with women.

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