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Secret Spy Cameras – Models Customers Prefer

Covert spy cameras or hidden security cameras, as they are sometimes called, have zoomed in popularity in the last two decades. They used to be cumbersome, expensive, difficult to operate and a technological mess. They are easier to use than ever before. Because they are so easy-to-use and there are so many of them in the marketplace the prices have dropped which adds to their popularity.

Covert spy cameras are products you see around the home or office on a daily basis. They are so common no one thinks twice about them. Inside is a tiny camera that transmits images to a monitor. Most new models have built-in DVR’s that makes recording a snap.

As you probably know, spy cameras are used to catch people who you would otherwise trust, doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. They provide another set of eyes to keep watch over things you value: your children, the possessions in your house or your business.

From a consumer’s perspective one of the problems is finding one that suits your needs. We’ve compiled a list of customer favorites out of the thousands of choices out there. See if one of these can work for you.

1. The wall clock hidden camera is one of the most popular. It is battery-operated so it represents the ultimate in portability. There are many different models. It records audio as well on an SD card. You can use the remote control for all operations.

2. The pen hidden camera with motion detection has some of the best capabilities of all spy cameras out there. It’s a working writing pen that has motion activation and records on an internal 8 GB chip. The microphone can record sounds inside a room of 230 square feet. The ink cartridge is refillable. It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The USB cable downloads audio and video and recharges the pen. The reason this so popular is that it is small, discreet and portable.

3. One of the least expensive and most popular spy cameras is the Wall Plate Camera. Like all great hidden cameras the key to this one is that it is hidden in plain sight. No one would ever suspect that a simple wall plate contains a hidden camera, DVR and microphone.

4. The spy hat hidden camera looks just like a regular baseball cap but has camera and DVR inside. It is obviously battery-operated which makes it extremely mobile.

These covert spy cameras are so good that no one will suspect they are being recorded. No external sound or light is on when they record.

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