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Safety Tip Of The Week-Home Security-Get A Guard Dog!

Well, okay I know not all of you will go out and get a guard dog or even a dog that barks. It just isn’t going to happen. But the fact of the matter is that the sound of a barking dog is one of the best deterrents against home burglary or home invasion for that matter. If you don’t believe me just call your local police station and ask them.

They will tell you without qualification that the sound of a barking dog is the best deterrent against home burglary.

Home burglary happens in one out of six homes every year. Home burglary happens every 15 seconds. Do you really want to take your chances? Or do you want to be proactive and do something to protect your home?

Now the dilemma! You want to do something but don’t like dogs. And you’re not getting get one! I can relate to that.

How about getting one of the most effective home security products on the market-THE ELECTRONIC WATCHDOG?

Sometimes it is called the Barking Dog Alarm. When it is plugged in it protects an area in a one hundred degree triangle up to as much as 20 feet away. The electronic radar wave sense control “sees” through wood, cement, brick and glass.

If an intruder enters that area the sound of an angry barking dog starts. The volume and radar sensitivity are both adjustable. It can be used in commercial applications too.

There is a remote control that allows you to arm or disarm the system, as well as set off a panic alarm.

So get a dog-better yet, get the bark without the dog.

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