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Personal Panic Alarms-The Female Self-Defense Tool

Jennifer was just leaving the department store where she worked after a long day on her feet. It was nearly 9:30 P.M. and she was dead tired. She thought about taking the elevator down to the parking garage but decided to take the stairs instead. The mall security company had assured everyone that the stairs were safe.

The reason that she decided to park downstairs instead of in the large parking lot was because there were several incidents of customers being attacked in the lot and she just didn’t need that hassle.

As she approached her car, she heard footsteps behind her and a voice ask for some assistance. She immediately became suspicious and the hairs on the back of her neck bristled. She reached into her handbag and pulled out her key ring for her car and using the remote unlocked her car. Her key ring also contained a pepper spray and personal panic alarm.

She didn’t answer the stranger immediately but kept going towards her car. When he wouldn’t leave her alone she turned around and brandished the pepper spray at the stranger and sounded her personal alarm. The loud noise got the attention of the parking garage attendant/security guard who was nearly asleep in his booth 300 feet away.

The stranger got the message and took off on foot.

Personal alarms are small hand held devices that emit very loud noises when activated. They are sometimes called panic alarms and are great for personal safety and for female self-defense. They are cheap and easy to operate.

A good example of panic alarms is the Electronic Pocket Whistle. It emits a loud 120 dB whistle at the touch of a button. The whistle sounds as long as you touch the button. It doesn’t operate like a normal whistle because it is electronic and operates on four batteries.

This personal safety device is great for female self-defense as a panic alarm because it has a key ring attachment and lanyard which makes it easy to carry and impossible to lose because it’s attached to your key ring. It is only 4 inches long and is made of sturdy metal construction.

It can also be used as safety locator in case of emergencies or traffic whistle for police or for dog handling and training.

But the main purpose of all personal alarms is to act as a panic alarm to improve personal safety for female self-defense. The electronic pocket whistle is one of the best panic alarms used for self-defense.

Check out all of our other Personal Panic Alarms. Every woman should have and carry one.

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