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Pepper Spray Stories

I love sharing with our readers examples of how pepper sprays are used because those stories provide evidence of real-life stories where pepper sprays save lives or stop crime. Pepper spray is the most common self-defense product of a nonlethal nature in the world. Whereas many countries outlaw stun devices, pepper spray is legal just about everywhere including all 50 United States although some cities and states have a few minor restrictions on them.

Here are just some real-life examples of how pepper sprays have been used in the last couple of months.

In one of the most unusual examples, a Cleveland area judge employed the “eye for an eye” principle. It seems an assault suspect pepper sprayed the victim in the face at a fast food restaurant. The judge told the suspect that she could either serve 30 days in jail or Return The Favor and be pepper sprayed by the original victim. The judge said that he does whatever he thinks will prevent a person from coming back to his court again. That is certainly a different approach to the judiciary and to be quite frank is a refreshing way to resolve problems.

In Denver, Colorado the local CBS affiliate is reporting that a man who Attempted An Assault on a woman in the parking garage in a lower downtown area (LoDo) has been sentenced to eight years in prison. The man attacked the 29-year-old woman in a parking garage, pushed her into a vehicle and tried to assault her, but she pepper sprayed him before he got away.

In the Chicago, Illinois area a woman was jogging in the woods of the Cook County Forest when a man grabbed her and tried to sexually assault her. She used her pepper spray to defend herself. The area is usually considered very safe because a lot of people use it for cycling and jogging. The incident gained a lot of notoriety and sales of pepper spray in the area have skyrocketed.

In San Antonio, Texas recently a married couple, who argues a lot, escalated from verbal to physical. The man stabbed his wife in the buttocks with a pitchfork. Ouch, That Hurt. For his trouble the man got pepper sprayed by his wife and was later taken to a hospital for treatment. The husband was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Out in Los Angeles, California, a man tried a Robbery With A Fake Gun. The would-be robber went into the employees only area with his BB pistol which apparently didn’t fool anybody. One of the employees hit him in the face with pepper spray from his holster.

Last June we did an article on everything you should know about Pepper Spray. In it, we gave a definition from a medical journal that said “Pepper Spray or OC (oleoresin capsicum) spray is a lachrymatory agent-meaning it can cause teary eyes and a runny nose. The active ingredient in pepper spray is also an inflammatory agent that swells up the eyes and mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. It causes pain and often temporary blindness. It is used in self-defense against human and animal attacks, as well as for riot and crowd control by law enforcement.”

Every available authority says that it is the largest selling and most popular self-defense product in the world mostly because of the low price and availability-it is legal almost everywhere.

We carry 190 Pepper Sprays in 10 categories making it the biggest selection of defensive sprays on the internet.

Share your stories about defensive sprays. Don’t be shy!!

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