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A Guide to New York TASER Laws

A Guide to New York TASER Laws

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, personal safety should be a top priority for anyone in the state of New York. With the growing popularity of non-lethal self defense items, it’s important to understand the legal landscape that surrounds their usage. One tool, the TASER, is a device built to render an attacker immobile without causing serious injury. However, it is important to understand New York’s regulations on TASERs in order to ensure compliance and safety.

Are Tasers Legal in NY?

In 2019, a national court invalidated a New York regulation prohibiting civilians from owning or carrying stun guns and Tasers under any circumstances. While the court didn't rule out the potential for some limitations on these devices to be constitutionally acceptable, New Yorkers can currently purchase, possess, and utilize stun guns, provided they aren't used for criminal activities.

Citizen Use

In New York, civilians were previously barred from owning or operating TASERs and related self-defense instruments, with the exception being members of law enforcement. However, the 2019 court decision has overturned this ban making the civilian use and ownership of TASERs legal for citizen use. However, certain localities within New York may still impose TASER restrictions so it is important to research local restrictions before possessing or using a TASER in New York. 

Law Enforcement and Authorized Personnel

In the state of New York TASERs are regularly used by members of law enforcement. These tools are used as part of their official duties, and they have undergone proper training to meet the guidelines of their department. Law enforcement agencies adhere to strict rules on the use of TASERs in order to prevent the misuse of them.

Exceptions for Security Guards

In some instances, security guards also use TASERs in their duties. They are permitted to protect the property they are guarding. Similar to law enforcement, security guards are also subject to training and the law for the use of a TASER.

Navigating Legal Terrain

Given the intricacies of the legal landscape for self-defense weapons, it's important to be aware of the specific rules and regulations for TASERs to avoid legal issues. Here are a few factors that are essential to consider:

Understand Your Device

Knowing the difference between various types of electroshock weapons is vital. They are electroshock weapons that use an electrical current to temporarily interrupt muscle control. With a high-voltage, low-amperage shock, they are designed to briefly incapacitate attackers, giving you time to escape. These are considered non-lethal, as they are meant to disable a target without causing fatal injuries. However, individuals with underlying health issues could be at risk of severe injury from a TASER if the contact is prolonged. Make sure to research the specifics on your device before making a purchase, and take the time to train with your device and understand its functions to avoid any legal liability. 

Compliance with Licensing

If you are a security guard or in a position where you require a license for a TASER, be sure you are complying with the licensing requirements set in place. Understand your limits and the situations in which you are allowed to use the device. The misuse of these devices can lead to serious legal problems.

Amendment Awareness

Laws can change, and that means it’s important to keep up to date and stay informed on the amendments or revisions, especially for New York’s TASER regulations. Something that is legal today could change tomorrow and become prohibited, and vice versa. Staying informed can help you make an effective decision when purchasing a TASER.

Prioritizing Compliance and Safety

TASERs offer a means of effective self-defense and personal safety, but the legal framework of a state can be complex, as regulations are put in place to prioritize safety and compliance. It’s important to keep aware of the specific laws in New York when you are looking to purchase a self-defense weapon like a TASER. Understanding your local laws can help you make an informed decision on how to best protect yourself daily.

If you are looking to purchase a TASER stun gun, The Home Security Superstore offers a wide variety to choose from. We adhere to the varying laws of each state, so be sure to check your local regulations before purchasing.

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