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New Diablo Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun-5 Million Volt Model

New Diablo Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun-5 Million Volt Model

The 5,000,000 volt Diablo tactical stun flashlight is rechargeable and only 6.75 inches long. It has a 320 lumen tactical flashlight included with the free soft case pepper spray that’s an 18% concentration. This is perhaps the most versatile and practical stun gun flashlight in the world. It was previously used by law enforcement but is now released to the general public. This multifunctional self-defense device embodies all the necessary features of personal security combined with a flashlight all without being a visible stun gun. The 320 lumen flashlight is capable of being seen over 500 yards away and can be used to blind any unwelcome assailants. It is housed inside a type III aluminum aircraft grade body aluminum that is shockproof and has an emergency glass breaker bezel.

A Tactical Flashlight is the perfect flashlight for you to carry in your car.

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