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Little Known Defense Weapons That Work

personal alarms

The whole purpose of any self-defense product is to disable an assailant while in the process of an assault to give you time to get away and seek help. Some self-defense products are so expensive that they are out of reach financially for many people and thus are not practical. Some are illegal in many states and thus are unusable.

In this article we will take a look at some defense weapons that really work and are easy and practical to use. Everyone has heard of pepper sprays and most people are familiar with stun devices especially the Taser gun, but some of these products may surprise you.

Pepper sprays are the most widely used self-defense product in the United States. Stun guns are a close second. They are each close to 90% effective, but stun guns are illegal in many states.

To get an idea of how effective nonlethal defense weapons are, you need look no further than a law enforcement officer’s utility belt. Of course he carries a handgun, but for nonlethal alternatives he has a pepper spray and usually a baton of some sort. Many officers are now carrying a stun device called a Taser. They are extremely effective-at close to 100%-but are also extremely expensive with prices starting at $400.

A type of baton, which is not widely known, called a Kubotan “is a close-quarter self-defense weapon. It is usually 5.5 inches long and 0.56 inch in diameter, slightly thicker or the same size as a marker pen. Attached with a keyring for convenience and concealment, the Kubotan appears as an innocuous key fob to the untrained eye, although it may be considered an offensive weapon in some jurisdictions.”

With keys attached it can be used as a flailing weapon but is much more effective as a pressure point and pain compliance weapon. It can be used also as a jabbing weapon. In the hands of someone who has been trained, it can be a very effective self-defense weapon.

For women and their personal safety and personal security one of the more effective defense weapons is a panic alarm or personal alarm is it is sometimes called.

This Keychain Panic Alarm is only 2 ? inches long and has a powerful flashlight with a 120 dB alarm which is loud enough to scare away any attacker and draw attention to your situation.

This unusual Self-Defense Keychain is styled to look like a cat with eyes becoming finger holes and the ears becoming spikes that can pack a sharp punch in the event of an attack.

Those are some of the little-known defense weapons that are especially effective for female self-defense and their personal security and personal safety.

We have 180 Pepper Sprays to choose from. It is the most comprehensive selection of self-defense weapons online.

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