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Home Security Tools – Make Your Home Safer

Home security is becoming more important to homeowners as incidents of home invasion and home burglary happen more frequently. There is anecdotal evidence to show that home burglary is on the rise. Just look at your local TV station news every night. There’s almost always a story about a home burglary or home invasion.

Some police officials state that because of the poor economy, more people are turning to burglary. Burglary is a low risk high reward enterprise. But there are some things that scare burglars away. That’s why security gadgets and security devices are selling more than ever before. They are a cheap way to improve home defense.

Here are four security gadgets to improve your home defense.

A burglar who had committed over 70 burglaries successfully recently got caught and revealed some home protection tips to homeowners to prevent burglary. One of them was that if he saw a security camera on a house-even a fake one-he would definitely stay away!

1. Dummy security cameras or fake security cameras are a great way to improve your home defense for very little money. They’re very real looking with blinking red lights, cabling and housing for the camera. Not many people can tell the real thing from the fake.

2. Another tip that he said made him choose another house was a house that was lit up. Great ways to do that is to use motion activated spotlights on the outside and lights that are on timers on the inside. Light-sensitive timers will turn lights off in daylight and turn them on in darkness. They are great home defense tools for homeowners who work at night, for example.

3. The Video Patrol Camera is an outdoor, weather resistant spy camera that can take 26,000 still photos or 75 minutes of video. It uses an infrared sensor to record only when there is activity in front of it. It requires some light so if you have a spotlight outside that should be sufficient. It helps capture images of anyone who might be breaking into your house or vandals who would do damage to your car or property.

4. It used to be that homeowners would hide a spare key underneath a doormat. There isn’t a burglar alive who didn’t know that trick. Now there are key safes that are in outdoor thermometers or in water sprinkler heads. So get creative and hide your spare key somewhere else.

Those are four of the best tools you can use to improve your home security and home defense. There are others too such as door alarms and window alarms, but these four are some of the best to improve your home security.

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