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Home Security Holiday Gift Suggestions

Home Security Holiday Gift Suggestions

This story is the second of three in a series of holiday gift suggestions. Last month we made suggestions for hidden cameras; this month we are suggesting home security products. These products are very utilitarian and are designed to protect your valuables inside your home and your home too.

The first suggestion is this brand-new Shelf Hidden Safe that comes in walnut as well as black and unfinished. It utilizes RFID technology to protect the valuables you put inside this 23.5″ x 3″ x 7.5″ compartment. It is easy to install with two installation screws. It uses four AA batteries that are included along with four RFID keys, one of which is a key fob.

Next to cash and jewelry, handguns are the top target for burglars. It makes perfect sense to protect your handguns with this Gun Globe Safe that can hide up to 3 handguns on adjustable vinyl-coated rods. The globe itself is made out of a dark cherry finish and has room inside for magazines and other valuables with an inside diameter of 12 inches. It is an elegant accessory for your home or office and makes a perfect place to hide your handguns.

Identity theft continues to be one of the biggest crimes committed by burglars. One of the main ways that they get your identity is right in your mail box. This Mail Boss® Locking Security Mailbox secures your mail and provides superior identity theft protection. It is a large capacity curbside mailbox made out of 12 and 14 gauge electrogalvanized welded steel. It uses patented anti-pry locking mechanism to prevent forced entry. The stainless steel hinges enable smooth movement and ease of use. It has a vandal resistant flag and includes three keys and reflective house numbers. It uses a commercial grade 12 wafer lock for securing the access door.

If a burglar hears a dog barking in your house he will more than likely pass on your home because they hate dogs. Our Barking Dog Alarm “the bark without the bite” as we have called it and provides 24-hour protection. When it senses movement through walls, doors or glass the sound of an angry barking dog starts. The barking gets louder and more frequent as an intruder gets closer. The motion detection range can be as much as 15 feet. A remote control keychain allows you to arm and disarm the alarm from a distance. It is one of the most popular and effective motion detection alarms available.

And finally this 4 Wireless Cameras w/ USB Receiver security camera system that uses 2.4 GHz transmission. It enables you to stream video remotely. The cameras have a range of approximately 300 feet. They are weatherproof so they can be used indoors or outdoors and have infrared capability that allow you to capture video in total darkness. When motion is detected, an email alert is sent to you for added security.

Don’t give dad a tie for Christmas! Give him something that will help him keep the family safe and sound! Chime in with your thoughts on this post!

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