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Home Security Alarms – The Electronic Watchdog or the Barking Dog Alarm

Have you ever confronted an angry, growling, barking dog? Most people can relate to it. It strikes fear into the hearts of most people. That is the underlying idea about why the electronic watchdog, or barking dog alarm, as it is called, is one of the most effective home security alarms in the world.

Last year there was an incident where an elderly woman who lived in an apartment complex was aroused at two o’clock in the morning by some drunken derelicts at her door. The pounding on her door woke her dog up who then started barking like crazy scaring the drunks away.

Every day there are stories about how guard dogs protect their owners from assailants or scare away potential burglars. Police will tell you that one of the most effective deterrents against home burglary is a barking dog.

There are three things that burglars don’t like-time, lights and noise. If a burglar takes more than 2 minutes to get in your house he will go somewhere else. When motion activated spotlights go on if activity is detected chances are he will go somewhere else. If a burglar hears an alarm or especially a barking dog he will move onto the next house. And believe me, he’s got plenty to choose from.

Wireless products have become much more popular in the last five years or so because they are much more reliable than they used to be and they are easier to install than wired products. The same is true for wireless motion detector alarms.

The Electronic Watchdog Alarm uses electronic radar wave sense control technology that works similar to radar. Once you plug it in and point in the direction that you want to protect the watchdog goes to work and covers a range of up to 15 feet away.

When someone enters that area of protection the sounds of an angry barking dog start. The volume on the barking and the area sensitivity can both be adjusted. And even though this is good for home security it can be used for business security as well. Some business owners even use a chime option on the watchdog to announce visitors to their retail stores.

There is a remote control that comes with the unit that allows you to arm and disarm the system. One additional sensor can be added to increase the area covered.

So start protecting your home or business with one of the most effective home security alarms on the market today-the barking dog alarm.

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