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Hidden Camera Holiday Gift Ideas

It is not too early to start thinking about gift ideas for loved ones. Over the next few months, until Christmas, we will be suggesting some ideas to our readers. This month’s suggestions are for hidden cameras.

When we wrote our story about the possibility of you getting a Hidden Spy Camera for your home or business we explained some of the more common uses of spy cameras. Those included as a nanny camera, for home security, for business security and to catch someone cheating on you in a relationship.

In today’s article, we are discussing three suggestions for gifts to loved ones in the holidays just ahead.

Our first suggestion is for this Wireless Router Spy Camera shown above. It is an actual working wireless router with a hidden camera inside. No one would suspect that they are being photographed with this common wireless router that can send real-time video from the camera to the router and from the router to any PC or smartphone. It has a 75° viewing angle and a fabulous range of 300 feet. All video is time and date stamped to make retrieving a snap. There are four recording modes available: motion detection, continuous, scheduled and power up. The motion recording sends instant alerts and auto image uploads to FTP and email when activated. There is no third-party software needed and it is compatible with any PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Our next suggestion for a holiday gift is this good-looking Wall Clock Spy Camera it is also compatible with iPhones, Macs, Android smartphones and tablets or PC. The camera inside has a 3.8 mm focal length giving you a 75° horizontal viewing angle and a range up to 300 feet. It is compatible with Internet Explorer and most other standard browsers. It uses the standard four recording modes: motion detection, continuous, scheduled and power up. The included software can connect up to 32 cameras on any one PC giving you amazing capability. No third-party products are needed for this purchase.

And the product that we are the most excited about is this MINI 3" NIGHT VISION BLUETOOTH ALARM CLOCK SPY CAMERA that functions as a digital clock with a WI-FI night vision HD 1080P hidden camera. The motion detection features allow videos to be taken during the night or in low light situations. Motion can be detected up to 26 feet away. The camera can be placed within cars, homes & anywhere indoors with a rechargeable battery for optimal use. The camera supports up to 128GB SD card recording.

What do you think about getting dad a hidden camera for Christmas instead of an ugly sweater?

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