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Covert Spy Cameras-Top Three Customer Choices

We agree that not everyone needs a covert spy camera. They are really only useful when you need to find out what’s going on when you’re not at your home, your office or your place of business. Let’s face it! Not everyone is honest. As a matter of fact, we have always maintained that given the right circumstances and the opportunity, many people are tempted to be dishonest.

They are used primarily “to catch people doing things they shouldn’t be doing.” Of course that includes a lot of things. They are most notably famous for being nanny cameras-to keep an eye on a babysitter or nanny to help catch child abuse in the act.

When it comes to proving some cases of elder abuse, child abuse or other difficult to document cases, there is nothing better than video evidence to prove your point.
Hidden spy cameras are nothing more than pinhole cameras placed inside a common household object people are used to seeing on a daily basis. The more common they are the better so as to not arouse any suspicion. Most hidden spy cameras these days also have a DVR inside them to record what the camera sees.

There are literally thousands of covert spy cameras in the market today. They have a variety of uses as we have pointed out. Here are the top three customer favorite choices for covert spy cameras. They are just the ones our customers love-not to exclude hundreds of others that are equally good.

  1. One of our customer favorites is this motion activated Clock Spy Camera that can record up to 90 minutes of video with a five megapixel camera that produces excellent images in JPG format. The built-in lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and will last up to 120 minutes.
  2. The second one looks like a Passive Infra-Red motion sensor that records in high definition resolution. You can record in night vision up to 26 feet away. All the video is time and date stamped.
  3. The third favorite customer choice covert spy camera is this Working Wall Clock that records HD video on a motion activated basis. The DVR is powered by AC power with a 6 foot power cord included, while the wall clock is powered by a single AA battery. All video is recorded to an SD card. This motion activated customer favorite covert spy camera can fit into any situation-home, office or business.
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