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Covert Spy Cameras-Three Of the Most Popular Models

When it comes to finding out what’s going on at your home, business or office when you can’t be there, there isn’t anything better than covert spy cameras. Hidden spy cameras have been around for decades. They have been used almost exclusively by government agencies because they were so expensive. Now anyone can afford one and they are so easy-to-use that they are what we call “idiot proof.”

Most you just plug them in and away you go. And anymore they have built-in DVR’s that record to an SD card. To see what you have recorded insert in the SD card into your computer. That’s how hard it is to get the job done.

But there so many of them out there the gets to be a little confusing. They are disguised as just about anything that you would see around your home, office or business. The most common ones are radios, alarm clocks, wall clocks, desk lamps, ball point pens, wristwatches and of course many more.

1. There is one that is disguised as a food bag or document clip. This one has the ear buds included. Cheer clothing, so it looks like a wireless earpiece. It can work as a Web Cam too. They represents the new generation of color digital video recorder that really is distinctive. Everybody has seen these clips that fold over packages to keep them fresh. This one has a high resolution camera inside it with 4 GB of internal memory.

2. One of the more unique ones covert spy cameras is an adjustable baseball hat that has a camera inside and 4 GB of internal memory. It also has a miniature DVR that takes video and still pictures. It uses a lithium-ion battery and has a USB cable for data transfer.

3. But one of the more popular ones is the Infrared Motion Sensor spy camera. It can track the least movement and can record up to 64 hours of video on a 32 GB SD card. The remote control functions can work up to hundred feet away and has multi-alarm triggering, a power cord and wall mounting unit. It uses a 1/3 inch Sony CCD tiny pinhole camera lens to get very sharp pictures. It also has the capability of overriding which means you’ll never lose video.

Those are three of the most popular covert spy cameras today. One might be just right for you.

We invite you to check all of our Covert Spy Cameras.

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