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Covert Spy Cameras-Pen Spy Cam DVR

There are all kinds of spy cameras on the market today. They have become immensely popular and not just with undercover policeman and private investigators. Some are wireless some are wired. Some have built-in DVR’s, some have built-in microphones. There are all sorts of them in all different price ranges. You have to be careful when picking one.

One of the very best is the Pen Spy Camera with DVR.

It is straight out of a James Bond movie. It looks like a high-quality ball point pen and it is but it’s a lot more than that. It is a one megapixel video camera and DVR that has an 8 GB built-in memory chip. The built-in battery cell can record up to three hours.

It can be used for all kinds of covert purposes to recording course lessons for students. This is one of the perfect devices you can use to document bullying.

The microphone can record a 15 m² area which is pretty huge. It has a very simple operation-push one button and the digital video begins. It has motion activation so it records only when there’s motion in front of the lens and you can also record audio only too.

We invite you to check all of our Covert Spy Cameras.

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