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A Self-Defense Strategy Guide – Protecting Yourself Against a Bigger Opponent

It is just a biological fact of life that women usually are smaller than men. It is also a fact of life that women are assaulted nine times more often than men and almost always assaulted by men. So learning how to defend yourself and protect yourself from a bigger opponent is something that should be of interest to women-all women. After all, if you are assaulted chances are pretty good the assailant will be bigger than you are.

So here are some suggestions on how to protect and defend yourself against a bigger opponent.

The first step and one that we recommend to anybody interested in developing a self-defense strategy is to use a beginner self-defense course as the foundation for that strategy. Not only will the techniques that you learn in a self-defense course do you well through the rest of your life but self-defense products are not 100% reliable. So when push comes to shove you may need to rely on the self-defense techniques that you learn in even a beginner course.

A basic self-defense course can show you elementary moves they can keep you out of as much as 90% of unwanted confrontations.

So with the basics of self-defense under your belt the next step is to choose a self-defense product or products that you can carry with you in the event of an assault. We always recommend that these items be on a keychain if possible-that way they are with you wherever you go.

Consider carrying a personal alarm sometimes called a panic alarm. These are small devices, almost all of which can be attached to a keychain. When activated, usually by pressing a button, they emit a loud ear-piercing siren sound of as much as 125 dB. The siren sound scares away potential assailants and alerts people in the area to your distressful situation. They are highly effective and very inexpensive too.

Then pepper sprays, which are the most popular of all self-defense items, are inexpensive, easy to use and legal in just about all jurisdictions. They can disable an assailant for well over a half-hour giving you time to escape and get help.

Stun devices are also a good recommendation. They disable an assailant by applying the stun gun to his body for 3 to 5 seconds. This puts him out of commission for 5 to 10 minutes.

No matter how big your opponent or how small you are you can level the playing field by learning some self-defense techniques and arming yourself with some self-defense weapons.

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Small Stun Devices are a great defense for women against domestic assault.

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