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Dakota MURS Alert™ Portable Motion Sensor Alarm System

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Alerts hand-held receiver when motion is detected!

Item No: MURS HT KIT Brand: dakota alert
  • Ideal for patrol and security officers covering large areas
  • Transmitter sends signal to wireless hand-held receiver up to 2 miles away
  • Hand held MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) receiver is also a 2-way radio
  • Private, free, legal, no-license voice communication between unlimited add-on receivers (not included, see Accessories)
  • Add transceivers to widen alert zone (both the base station and hand-held receivers are compatible transceivers)
  • Get alerts wherever you go
  • Easily communicate while out in the field with others via MURS Alert™ transceivers (see Accessories)
  • Transmitter is a passive infrared sensor that can be mounted on a tree or post to monitor activity at remote locations
  • When transmitter detects people, vehicles, or large animals it will send an alert signal to the receiver
  • Receiver gives off audible alert - "Alert Zone One", "Alert Zone Two", "Alert Zone Three", "Alert Zone Four"
  • Alert message can be selected at transmitter so up to four zones can be monitored simultaneously
  • Receiver battery life is about 48 hours. This will vary on how often motion is detected
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Temperature rating of -30°F to 120°F
  • Transmitter powered by six (6) "AA" alkaline batteries (not included, See Accessories)
  • Receiver powered by six (6) "AA" rechargeable batteries (included)
  • Optional: covert transmitter box (not included, see Accessories)
  • NOTE: Actual transmission range will vary depending on local terrain.

The Dakota MURS Alert™ motion detector transmitter operates wirelessly up to 2 miles away from the receiver. The receiver is hand-held and wireless allowing you to patrol the grounds and be notified immediately if motion is detected. The receiver will state "Alert Zone One," "Alert Zone Two," "Alert Zone Three," "Alert Zone Four," and multiple transmitters can be added to create up to four zones, or add additional areas within zones for more complete coverage. When multiple base station receivers are added, they can be used as two-way walkie talkies, which is ideal for security guards or businesses with various zones that need monitoring. This product is perfect for monitoring areas such as remote warehouses, vacant farm sites, and other large buildings and land. The walkie-talkie function can be used with both the MURS Alert™ add-on base station receiver as well as the add-on mobile hand held receiver and is a license-free signal that requires no contract.

  • One (1) transmitter
  • One (1) hand-held receiver
  • Six (6) "AA" rechargeable batteries
  • One (1) wireless receiver
  • One (1) charger