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Secure Safety Everywhere You Go! <<< Click Here >>>

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About Smoke Alarms

Protect your home and your family from fast-flaming and slow-smoldering fires. Whether you're looking for an Ionization, Photoelectric or IoPhic® smoke alarm, you can find a smoke detector to protect your home or office.

Ionization smoke alarms are effective to detect fast-flaming fires that spread quickly, like paper burning or kitchen grease fires. Photoelectric smoke alarms are best to detect slow-smoldering fires; the ones that burn for hours before they burst into flames. IoPhic® smoke alarms are a type of ionization alarm that contain a patent-pending Universal Smoke Sensing Technology, which allows them to detect fast-flaming fires and respond quickly to slow-smoldering fires.

Our smoke alarms are easy to install and easy to use; you can have them up and running in a matter of minutes, without the hassle of complex wiring. Because our smoke alarms run on batteries, you never have to worry in the event of a power outage. We also have smart smoke alarms that allow you to pair additional smart devices as well as carbon monoxide and natural gas detectors.

No matter what type of smoke alarm you're looking for, you can find the best option to allow you to feel safe in your home or office.