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Tuck away your valuables in small secret spaces.

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About Small Personal Safes

Small safes can be an ideal solution for storing valuables. Their small size makes them easy to stash in a closet or desk drawer but they’re just as resistant to tampering as their larger counterparts. While you can’t use small safes to store your collection of valuable art you can use them to lock up everything from jewelry to passports to money.

Our assortment of small safes comes in a variety of sizes and styles. Whatever kind of access you prefer – from biometric fingerprint access to a digital keypad – there’s a small safe available to provide you with quick access when you need it most. In fact, if you have a handgun you need to secure, small safes designed for firearms are the safest solution on the market.

Small safes are meant to be moveable but don’t worry about them being stolen. Most are designed to be secured in place with a locking cable that’s only accessible with a key or a passcode! Some are meant to be hidden at home while others are portable so you can take them with you in your car or luggage. They make a great gift for a frequent traveler! Whatever your secure storage needs, our selection of small safes has you covered.