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About Carbon Monoxide Alarms

A carbon monoxide detector is a critical component of a safe home. Many people credit a carbon monoxide detector for saving their life or that of their family, and with today’s technology homeowners have never had more options when it comes to keeping their properties protected from the dangerous effects of CO2. From battery powered to wired-in, the options are nearly endless.

Carbon monoxide detectors come in all shapes and sizes. Some plug directly into the wall while others can be powered by battery and mounted. You can even buy combination smoke alarms and CO2 alarms that will alert your family in case of either issue! The Home Security Superstore sells carbon monoxide detectors designed to provide you and your family the best chance of escape in the event of a natural gas leak. Precious seconds count when your home fills with this deadly gas, particularly in the middle of the night.

Nearly 200 people die of carbon monoxide poisoning in the U.S. each year. The gas is odorless and nearly impossible to detect until vomiting, headache, and fainting start. Is your home ready? Give your family the early warning provided by the best carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector money can buy…it’s an investment you’ll never regret making.