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What To Look For In A Good Stun Gun

Because of all the publicity lately about assaults on women everywhere, you or a loved one may be thinking about buying a self-defense product. That is a very good choice, but that’s only the easy part. The hard part comes in deciding what kind of self-defense product to get for your personal safety and personal security.

Stun guns are the second most popular self-defense weapon available. They are illegal in several states and cities. We must point out, however, that those laws are changing rapidly and frequently. Check with your local law enforcement office or go online for legality in your area.

All stun devices are either battery-operated or use rechargeable technology to conduct an electrical current that flows through two or more probes on one end of the device.

When the device is activated a loud crackling sound occurs, and the electrical current flying back and forth between the probes creates a visual display. Both the crackling sounds and the visual display are quite intimidating, and frequently are enough to scare an assailant away.

When the business end of the device is applied to an assailant, it creates a certain amount of pain and basically dumps enough electricity into the nervous system to make the “muscles work very rapidly, which depletes all blood sugars and thus all energy. The resulting energy loss makes it difficult to move and function.” A regular stun gun uses high-voltage and low amperage while a Taser, which is a different form of stun gun, uses high amperage and low voltage. “The neurological impulses that direct muscle movement are interrupted causing a loss of balance and disorientation.”

When you are looking for a stun device, we have always recommended that you get the most powerful one that you can afford. But don’t stop there. Look for a Powerful Stun Device that is relatively small, and has safety features built-in. Most have at least one-some have two.

Something you may not think about is the Stun Gun Grip. If you are ever in a position to use one, and we hope you never have to, chances are you’re going to be nervous. You may have sweaty palms, so get a gun that has a textured grip that will enable you to hold onto it better with sweaty palms or even in rainy conditions.

Those are some important considerations and features for you to look for when you’re in the market to buy a stun device. They are a valuable self-defense weapon for your personal safety and personal security, more so if it has the features that we have talked about.

We have 127 Stun Devices to choose from. One of them will be just right for you.

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