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Five Tips to Improve Home Security and Self Defense

Life is full of perils. Accidents happen all the time. Criminal activity happens more often. People get hit by cars as they step off of a curb. People get electrocuted on a daily basis. People also get struck by lightning. Many of these things are way beyond your control. Home burglary and assaults happen much more frequently and to some extent can be avoided even prevented.

The other day at Costco I saw a woman pushing her grocery cart talking on a cell phone which was a major distraction in and of itself. In her grocery cart was her purse and presumably in her purse was her wallet with her driver’s license, credit cards and who knows what else. She got distracted by an employee who was handing out free samples. But this lady left her cart and her purse unattended for close to a minute. We watched her and she was so distracted she wasn’t paying any attention to her purse. Maybe she felt that Costco customers were more trustworthy than others. But why?

It would have been simple for a dishonest person to steal her purse and she would never have been any the wiser. She just wasn’t paying attention.

Here are five tips that will help make your life safer and prevent you from getting into trouble. They aren’t anything brilliant but just make common sense. They will help you prevent home burglary and assaults.

1. Pay attention to your surroundings no matter where you are-even in a big-box store but especially in parking lots and stairwells. Believe it or not, a very high number of assaults occur in parking lots and stairwells. A purse can get stolen anywhere. So pay attention to who is around you and where you are.

2. Don’t ever leave packages in the back seat of your car. They make for easy targets for robbers.

3. Carry a key chain pepper spray with you to prevent an assault or robbery. A pepper spray is a very good self-defense product against assault or robbery. One attached to your keys will ensure that it’s with you all the time.

4. Install an inexpensive burglar alarm to improve home security. Burglars are mostly amateurs and are easily scared away by a loud alarm.

5. Lock your doors and windows even when you’re at home. Amazingly 60% of all home burglaries happen through unlocked doors and windows.

Follow these home security and personal safety tips and they will keep you out of a lot of ugly situations that can cause you trouble.

Keychain Pepper Sprays are with you wherever you go which is why they are so popular.

Motion Activated Alarms are among the most effective because they make a loud noise at the slightest movement.

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