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Business Security: Burglar Proof Your Windows & Doors

Business Security: Burglar Proof Your Windows & Doors

Your business is growing and your quarterly returns are looking better than ever. Don’t let theft set you back! Even if your products and cash are covered by insurance, being the victim of a burglary could mean closing temporarily and rushing to replace lost items. The good news is you don’t have to be a victim in waiting. Become proactive, and you can thwart a burglary before it happens.  

Learning how to secure your windows and doors from after-hours thieves is easy with the help of tech-savvy products. Door and window alarms are a simple and affordable way to protect your business 24 hours a day. Whether you want to create a DIY security system or add to your existing system, there are door and window products for you. 

Securing Your Windows

Window alarms that emit a loud sound can deter potential burglars, and many alarms will also alert you to a disturbance so you can call the authorities. You don’t have to wire your business with an elaborate alarm system to stop a thief in their tracks. 

There are two main types of alarms: those that go off when a window opens and models that detect broken glass. Both types of window alarms make a huge difference in your property’s security. Burglars that are simply looking for an easy target will run when they hear the piercing sound of a window alarm. 

Keeping Your Doors Totally Secure

Deadbolts will increase the security at your business, but adding a door alarm provides much needed additional security. Use a doorstop alarm to scare off anyone who pushes open your door after closing and a Wi-Fi door alarm system that can detect motion up to 30 feet from the entrance. Doorknob cable alarms will alert when there is vibration on the handle, a signal that someone is trying to open the door. 

Security cameras also bring additional security to your doors. Sometimes just the presence of a camera will scare away a burglar, and motion-sensor cameras can alert you to someone near the door after hours. HD streaming cameras give you real-time visuals on what is happening at your business around the clock so you know when to call the authorities about a break-in and when a pestering neighborhood cat has set off your door’s motion detector. 

Finding the Tools You Need to Burglar Proof Your Business

How do you know which tools are right for your business’s security needs? Here is a look at some questions to ask yourself before you settle on the right security system:

  • Is your business secluded? If your business is set back from the street or in a secluded area, you may be a target for burglaries. Security cameras paired with glass breaking alarms and door wedge alarms make a good combination. 

  • Do you have secure areas within your business? If you have an office with a safe or internet servers, you should consider door alarms for interior doors. Door wedge alarms and magnetic contact alarms are great for inside doorways.

  • Do you have glass doors? Deadbolts may not be enough security on a door with glass panes. Add a glass-breaking alarm and get an outdoor motion sensor alarm too.

Are you looking for ways to keep your business resistant to would-be burglars? Check out the array of outdoor hidden security cameras and window alarms on The Home Security Superstore website. From our door wedge alarms to barking dog security alarms, there is always a solution to meet your needs. If you still have questions about business security, contact us today to find out more about our door and window security solutions. 

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