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Everything You Need to Know About Alarm Systems

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So much of our time and energy goes into protecting the people and things we love. Business and home alarm systems allow us to provide a layer of protection to make it all easier. Thieves are more likely to skip a home or business upon spotting security cameras and opting for an easier target. A business or home alarm system consisting of door and window alarms, driveway alarms, and motion detectors alert you, allowing you to protect your home and family even when you aren’t there.

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Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems offer complete home protection, simple upgrades, and lower installation costs than wired alarm systems. A wireless alarm system is comprised of alarms, cameras, sensors, and varied detectors connected to the main control panel through radio signals.

When wireless alarm systems detect unusual activity, they trigger an alarm that then signals the monitoring service to call the police. There may be an override that can be entered into the control panel if the homeowner is home. This is usually a code that can be entered within seconds of the alarm sounding. If the homeowners are away, the monitoring service may be set to call them first or the homeowner and police simultaneously, allowing for decisions to be made then.

How can your home and business benefit from a wireless alarm system?

Quick and Easy Installation for Home Alarm Systems

Installing a wireless alarm system is quick and easy because there is no frustrating drilling or wiring involved. These systems can generally be done by the home or business owner, so you can avoid expensive and time-consuming installation costs. With a few batteries and a few moments, you have a new system ready to help protect you and your family and all of your belongings.

Many home alarm systems come with self-adhesive mounting to allow you to stick them to the wall or another surface. You can also leave behind the worry of having wires visible, creating an eye sore that interrupts the décor of your home or business.

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Simple to Modify or Upgrade

You can easily add extra sensors when you see a need for more coverage or when you are ready to expand. Because these are wireless systems, you can add more sensors to areas you may have thought didn’t need them or when your budget allows. The devices will “talk” wirelessly, which allows for them to be added to or upgraded as new equipment comes out or when the current devices evolve.

Remote Operation

Virtually everyone has a cellular phone at this point. Your business or home alarm system can be used to arm or disarm your alarm system easily when you are home or away. This eliminates the worry of whether or not you locked the doors or armed the system once you have left your business or home. It allows you to control what happens to your home or business when you are on vacation or away for a period of time. You have protection and peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Types of Alarm Systems

When choosing an alarm system for your home or business, you have control over what types of devices you use to do so. Once again, you may add more or less of each device as your business or home needs them.

Motion Sensors

Home alarm systems with motion sensors are available in many forms. You can choose alarms, cameras, lights, or any combination of each. They allow you to customize and control the areas you want to protect. They give you complete control of the entire area of your home or business. You will want to gain general knowledge and understanding of how they work and where they work best to ensure complete coverage.

This equipment's main purpose is to detect when something or someone not welcome is around or in your home. The sensor sends a signal to your alarm system and once tripped, an emergency alert is sent to you and the monitoring center.

These devices are available for active and passive activity. Passive detectors use infrared heat or energy to alert the sensors and are the most common sensors used in homes. Active detectors use sound waves that are like the ones in a garage door.

Placement is the most important consideration for using this equipment successfully. They are most effective when placed high up to allow coverage of a large area. Place the detectors in a corner of the room so they can detect activity from a vantage point of the entire room. Do not place them near a window or door so they have a limited view, or they are affected by sun or heat.


Door Alarms

Door sensors are one of the more obvious needs of an alarm system. These alarms let you know when an intruder or unwanted person is trying to gain access to your home. A door sensor is made up of a reed switch and magnet that form a circuit when kept in line together. When the circuit is disturbed from opening the door, the control panel is triggered and the process to sound the alarm is put into place. These alarms can be recessed or surface mounted. There are also vibration detectors that detect almost any movement around your door and will alert the control panel even if the unwanted person isn’t trying to break in or hasn’t attempted yet to break in.

Installing a door alarm is simple. Using a strong adhesive, either provided with the alarm itself or one you purchase, attach one piece of the system to the door itself and one piece to the door frame. They need to be parallel and with a small space in between them to allow the circuit to connect when the door is closed.

Window Alarm

Window alarms work much the same as a door alarm. Two pieces sit parallel and close together to allow a circuit to be formed. When the window is opened, the circuit is broken, and the control panel is alerted to the breach of the system. Window alarms also come in vibration sensors and will detect motion around the window to alert you to someone who is looking in your windows. Just like the door alarm, the window alarms can be surface mounted or recessed. Surface-mounted alarms are easier to install but are visible. Recessed alarms are less visible but can be trickier to install. The decision is ultimately up to you.

Glass Break Detectors

There is the possibility that an intruder will break a glass window to gain entrance into the home. Without detectors, this action would not alert a window alarm. Even with motion sensors, an advanced intruder may be able to avoid tripping them. Glass break detectors for home alarm systems are designed to alert the control panel to any noise of breaking glass. These detectors are set to hone in on one area of the home or business. When the noise of breaking glass occurs, the sensor can tell which area of the home or business is being violated. This can be set to simply go off and scare an intruder away or to send a signal to the security alarm to send police right away.

mace personal alarm

Personal Wireless Alarm Systems

A personal alarm system is used to protect your physical body at any time. Because these products are small and easily carried, you can decide when you want to use them and how often. When a personal alarm system is triggered, they emit a loud, annoying sound. The frequencies these alarms emit can be painful to human ears. When activated in an attack, they are a powerful deterrent in a variety of ways.

The shrill sound may be enough to send the attacker running. It also attracts attention from other people around you, which may draw the attention of others in the area who can call for help. These alarms come in key chains as well as simple handheld devices that can be alerted by the push of a button or pulling a chain or ring. They come with stun guns, pepper spray, alarms, and a combination of all three to keep you prepared.

Grab an Alarm System Today and Protect Yourself and Your Property

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