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Basic Home Security Tips to Prevent Burglary

If you are a homeowner in the United States and do not have some home security products in place to protect your home and prevent burglary, my friend, you are asking for trouble. Why do we say that? The answer is simple. Almost one out of every five homes in this country will be burglarized this year.

We have gone over the reasons why home burglary is one of the few crimes that shows a steady growth rate, even though several other categories of crime have gone down. The basic reason is money. For many people, money is the driving force for everything they do. It is no different with burglars, many of whom are just rookies. Only 5 to 10% of all burglars are what we would consider being professionals.

There is a lot of money to be made in burglarizing private homes and it is astonishingly simple. Also, there’s very little risk in getting caught with only as few as 10% of all burglars ever prosecuted.

Here are some basic prevention tips for home burglary.

First of all, make your home look as burglar-proof as possible. How do you do that? Don’t provide any potential hiding places around lower-level doors and windows. Keep all your doors and windows closed and locked even when you’re at home.

Signage is underrated as a deterrent to a home burglary. If you have a home security system, publicize that fact with a sign. If you have a dog, advertise that you do with a sign.

Even if you don’t have a home security system, getting some inexpensive Fake Security Cameras will often send the same message because they are so realistic looking that no one can tell the difference from as little as 10 feet away.

And if you don’t have a dog and don’t plan on getting one, don’t worry! The electronic watchdog a.k.a. the Barking Dog Alarm will provide the barking dog sounds that are the most effective tool available at deterring home burglary. It can protect an area up to 20 feet away with adjustable sensitivity and volume controls.

But don’t stop there, get some inexpensive window and door alarms that make a sound as loud as 120 dB if someone should try to break into your home.

Those are some basic home security tips that you can use to prevent burglary at your house. It need not cost you a fortune to protect your most valuable asset-your house.

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