WiseFire Weatherproof Fuel Supply & Fire Starter Kit

Easy to light, safe to store with 25-year shelf life!

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  • WiseFire fuel supply is also a convenient fire starter
  • 15 pouches for boiling up to approx. 60 cups of water
  • Compact, individual pouch design makes it easy to bring camping or during travel
  • Made of recycled wood pellets
  • Easy to light & weatherproof-- burns in wind, rain, snow or sleet
  • Ecofriendly formula does not contain or release any harmful chemicals
  • Lights the first time
  • Safe to use-- no risk of unexpected flare-ups
  • Ash residue is a natural fertilizer, good for the earth
  • Safe to store with 25-year shelf life (store in cool, dry place for best results)
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Includes: 15 pouches of WiseFire fire starter fuel
  • Includes: Carton packaging

Ideal for camping, trekking, and backpacking as well as for emergency preparedness for an unexpected calamity, WiseFire makes the ultimate choice. This neat carton pack is lightweight and easy to carry and store. It comprises of 15 manageable fuel pouches that can be used to boil up to 60 cups of water. The flame lasts from 15 to 20 minutes.

WiseFire does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals nor does it release toxic fumes. Consisting of recycled wood pellets and volcanic rock with paraffin wax coating, it is the safest burning fuel for both humans as well as the environment. Also, the residue from the burnt fuel works as a natural fertilizer for the earth.

The fuel lights instantly and is suitable for all kinds of weather, snow, sleet, rain or wind. There is no risk of unexpected fires or flare-ups. The fuel has a shelf life of 25 years and if stored as instructed, it can last a long time. So next time you go camping, do not forget to take a carton or two of this convenient fuel supply, and keep a box handy in your emergency preparedness home survival kit.

  • 15 pouches of WiseFire fire starter fuel
  • Carton packaging
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