LandAirSea SilverCloud® SYNC Fleet GPS Tracking System

Get reports of low battery, idling, current speed, and more!

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  • SilverCloud® Sync Fleet Real Time GPS Tracking System
  • Plugs directly into the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-II) Port
  • Reports on-board diagnostics: low fuel warning, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, RPM, and check engine warning
  • Diagnostics report via blinking LED, SMS text messages, or TCP diagnostic messages
  • Mapping software shows pinpointed vehicle location, speed, direction of travel, and more
  • Online web browser application with 2D and 3D satellite mapping powered by Google Maps
  • Adjustable satellite view, road map view, weather reports, traffic, and points of interest
  • View tracking from any computer with Internet access
  • Free SilverCloud® app on Android, iPad, or iPhone for tracking on the go
  • ShareSpot® Option for sharing live GPS location via URL or an embedded code on website
  • SilverCloud Alerts indicate speed, low battery, arrival, and departure notifications via text message or email
  • Virtual Geo-Zones customize map areas to send text messages or emails when a vehicle enters or exits a zone
  • Routing Utility sends real-time directions to the driver's mobile phone via text message
  • Unlimited storage of driving history
  • Web-based historical playback generates detailed printable text reports
  • Affordable month-to-month tracking service with customizable updates
  • Update Frequency: 5 minute, 1 minute, 10 second and 5 second
  • Dimensions: 1.80" x 2.18" x 1.08"
  • Operating Temperature: -22°F to +158°F
  • Powered by vehicle's OBD port (9V - 16V DC)
  • GSM Channels: 850/1900 (U.S.) 900/1800 (Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East)
  • Communication Protocol: SMS, GPRS (UDP)
  • Not compatible with Mercedes E250, E350 ,Ford F250, F350, F450; and Ford Mustang 2013

The SilverCloud® Sync is an all-in-one company vehicle tracking solution. This GPS system mounts into a vehicle's on-board diagnostic port and sends real-time GPS tracking on location, speed, and direction as well as vehicle-specific diagnostics. Know at a glance if a vehicle in your fleet has a check engine light, needs fuel, is accelerating harshly, or is idling excessively. The user-interface is powered by Google Maps and Google Earth and is capable of a 2D or 3D display with satellite or road view, current weather, traffic flow, and local waypoints. With an adjustable update frequency and unlimited driving history storage, this GPS is ideal for any company fleet.

Several features allow for in-fleet automatic communication. The customizable Virtual Geo-Zones allow for a user to set up a specific map area that automatically send a text message or email when a specific vehicle enters or exits the zone. The unique ShareSpot® Option gives fleet transportation services and logistics companies the ability to share their locations on a website. For drivers in a new area, the Routing Utility sends real-time directions to the driver's mobile phone via text messages. See the table below for pricing options after purchase.

  • User Guide

GPS Real Time Monthly Plan

Update Interval1-Minute10-Second

SilverCloud Prepaid Data Plans

6-months (5%) Savings$170.72$227.72
12-months (10%) Savings$323.46$431.46
24-months (15%) Savings$610.98$814.98
  • Operating Temperature -30ºC to +75ºC (-22ºF to +158ºF)
  • Power Source: 9-16 Volts DC (powered by the vehicle's OBD-II Port)
  • Typical Full-Power Current: 70mA at 12 Volts DC
  • GSM Channels 85/1900 (U.S.) 900/1800 (Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East)
  • Communication Protocol: SMS, GPRS (UDP)
  • Update Frequency: 5 min, 1 min, 10 second and 5 second
  • Notifications: Virtual geo-boundaries and speed and battery alerts via SMS text message or email
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