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About Water Filter Straws


While it is imperative to always have access to clean water, it may not always be possible to both filter and store it for future use. Imagine you are hiking and cannot carry a heavy water storage tank along with you. What will you do?

Since drinking water is not an option, it is even more important to have one of The Home Security Superstore’s water filter straws. With the Frontier Water Filter Straw, you will always have purified water free of 99.9 percent of the two most common parasitic protozoa, and be able to drink directly from the source! Want even more backup? The Frontier Pro Emergency Water Filter Straw Camo delivers a high-capacity, pump-free, quality filter and survival straw the size of a compact flashlight.

Make sure any water filtration system you invest in comes equipped with a water filter straw to ensure non-stop access to clean drinking water.

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