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About MRE Meals

You're far from the nearest store, and you've heard there may be some serious weather heading your way. You definitely don't want to get stranded with nothing to eat. That's why you're thinking ahead and choosing from among The Home Security Superstore's variety of MRE meals (meals ready to eat), which are all you need to survive long stretches of impassable roads.

In reality, having some backup in the form of MRE meals is the key to your freedom, health, and survival. MRE food is fully prepared and ready to eat instantly. MRE meals include entrees, side dishes and desserts in waterproof packaging, which makes them perfect for emergency situations or inclement weather.

We carry a variety of MRE food including ready-to-eat foods and military MRE packs. The 56-Serving Wise Breakfast & Entrée package is a great place for an individual to start. This twice-daily meal kit features 28 days of breakfast and entrees in easy-to-carry single-serving packets, all with a 25-year shelf life.

Heard the storm could be worse than you thought, and have someone else you have to think of? Then choose the 240-Serving Wise Breakfast & Entrée, which will keep you and yours sated for a whole month.

Don’t wait until the storm is bearing down on you and everyone is clamoring to stock up at the same store. Plan ahead. Get your MRE meals so you can enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.