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About Flash Drive Spy Cameras

Some of the most important documents exist digitally in your computer. Flash Drive Spy Cameras not only help you keep a record of important material with by functioning as normal flash drives, but also as hidden spy cameras. Should someone try to infiltrate your computer files, or even if someone is searching through your desk or office while you're not around, a camera that looks like a flash drive will capture the perpetrator on video.

Flash drive spy cams are fully functional USB flash drives that are your eyes and ears in the office, and anywhere. Carry these tiny spy cams in your purse or pocket so you can capture any moments that need documenting. Choose from:

  • CamStick Night Vision Spy Cameras
  • Mini Webcam Flash Drive CamStick models
  • USB Flash Drive Spy Cameras with DVR

Never let your important documents be stolen and hacked. Protect yourself and your computer with a small hidden spy camera for your computer. Order yours today!