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  • Secondary image - Bodyguard Switchblade Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack & Vest Bodyguard Switchblade Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack & Vest - Bulletproof Backpacks

    Bodyguard Switchblade Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack & Vest


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    Contains a quick deploying bulletproof vest and a back plate to protect your front and back!

About Safety Products for Children: Buy Child Monitoring Devices Online

Keep your kids out of harm’s way with our safety products for children! Our selection of innovative child monitoring devices and other simple kid safety products help you protect your children, even during those inevitable times when you can’t be around.

We offer high-quality child safety products, such as a monitoring system that alerts you when your child wanders off, as well as a pool alarm that alerts you if your child falls into the water. Plus, we offer other valuable safety products for children, like bulletproof backpacks, liquor bottle locks, and more!

Child Safety

Have you done an audit of your kids’ safety recently?

There is no better time than today to think about how to protect your kids at home and out in the world. From tracking devices that keep you informed of your kids’ locations to blinking keychains that make it safer to bike at dusk, The Home Security Superstore has you covered. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular kid safety products.

Products and Gear to Keep Kids Safe

Keeping your kids out of harm’s ways is your most important job – and you never clock out. Luckily, there are ways to beef up your kids’ safety without spending a fortune. 

Keeping track of kids: In the 21st century, you can track your children’s locations whether they’re 20 feet or 20 miles away. Our toddler safety products include electronic leashes; put the tracker on your child (or in their backpack), and you’ll get an alert on your receiver if they walk too far away. You can also put a Bluetooth bracelet on your child and watch where they are via a smartphone app, even from miles away. 

Giving kids protection on the go: A child monitoring system isn’t the only way to feel better about sending your little one out into the world. You should also equip them with blinking LED lights if they’ll be away after the sun goes down (or walking to an early-morning bus pick-up). We also sell bullet-resistant backpacks. 

Making your home a kid-safe zone: Picking up some child safety products for home security is an easy way to sleep better at night. Some of our most popular products are wine locks to keep kids and teens out of your alcohol, and motion alarms with a night vision camera. 

Protecting your family is your top priority, and we’re here to help. All of our highest quality safety products come with our low-price guarantee! From trackers to wine locks, we have a host of products that give you peace of mind. Have questions? Reach out to The Home Security Superstore today to find out more about child safety products or call us toll-free at 1-770-442-0003 for free order assistance and technical support! 

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