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TASER® X1 Reloadable Shooting Stun Gun w/ Targeting Laser

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Fires two metal electrodes or works as a 50,000-volt contact stun gun!

Item No: 100061 Brand: taser®
  • New and improved X1 model replaces the X26P & X26C and uses the exact same accessories as the X26P
  • Fires barbed probes 15 ft. that stick into clothing or flesh and can even arc electricity through some bulletproof items
  • Unleashes electrical impulses in a similar frequency to your body to cause neuromuscular Incapacitation that does not depend on pain
  • Potential effects can include vertigo, freezing in place, falling to the ground, involuntary muscle contractions, etc.
  • Mechanical sights and built-in LASER provide a 15-foot (4.6 m) range of sight that match up with the top probe's flight path
  • Cartridge fits in snug so there is no chance of it coming loose when fired and deploys 20-30 small confetti-like Anti-Felon ID tags
  • 2 metal electrodes on the front work as a 50,000-volt contact stun gun too and leave no lasting effects or contamination to targets
  • The ambidextrous safety can be engaged/disengaged from either side; switch position up means armed, down means safe
  • Central Information Display (CID) shows armed and battery status and major & critical fault indicators, i.e. invalid battery, spark duration, ect.
  • Powered by one (1) PPM battery pack (non-rechargeable) that has enough power for up to 500 five-second discharges
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs.; Dimensions: 7.3" x 1.3" x 3.2"; MADE IN USA.
  • Lifetime Replacement if lost during an attack (police report must be provided)
  • TASER® is a registered trademark of Axon formerly known as TASER International, Inc.

Additional Description

The TASER® X1 is a law enforcement-grade self-defense weapon that fires electrical probes up to 15 feet away. The probes, once they successfully hit a target, emit shocks that are similar to a body's natural electrical impulses. What this does, is it interrupts these impulses to cause a multitude of effects, including falling to the ground, involuntary muscle contractions, freezing in place, vertigo, ect.. Additionally, this TASER® does not rely on pain as a deterrent since some individuals, such as drug addicts or drunks, might have a high pain threshold. When fired, the cartridges don’t only release two probes, they also eject 20-30 confetti-like Anti-felon ID tags for marking criminals. After a cartridge has been used the X1 has two metal electrodes on the front that work as a 50,000-volt contact stun gun if the probes miss. The unit is easy to handle because it is ambidextrous, with a safety switch on each side, and it also has a built-in LASER sight. The Central Information Display (CID) on the back of the unit shows battery power levels, major & critical fault indicators, invalid battery, spark duration and more. Lastly, the device is powered by a Performance Power Magazine lithium energy cell, which provides up to 500 five-second electrical discharges. MADE IN USA.

  • TASER X1 Stun Gun
  • Two (2) Reload Air Cartridges
  • Performance Power Magazine Battery
  • Practice Target
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual

SALES PROHIBITED TO: Hawaii and Rhode Island. (As of 1/1/2022 it is legal to own a stun gun in Hawaii provided the product is purchased locally in Hawaii and the purchaser attends a certified TASER training class)

SALES RESTRICTED TO: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, West Virginia and Wisconsin. (These states require a concealed carry permit)


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