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Why Are Self-Defense Products So Effective?

Last week there was a story on the national news about a motorist who was stopped for speeding. As a police officer was approaching car, the camera inside his police car was running. You could see him talking to the driver who is becoming extremely agitated. According to officials, the driver refused to produce identification.

The officer asked the driver to step out of the car, which he did. The driver then took his aggression to another level and produced some kind of club and started beating the officer. The officer drew his taser and from 10 feet away shot the suspect. The electrical charge got the desired goals and completely incapacitated the suspect.

As it turned out, the suspect was wanted on other charges and was also drunk.

That scene and variations of it are repeated daily all around the country. When a suspect is noncompliant to a lawful order from a police officer, the officer has a variety of nonlethal self-defense weapons at his disposal to use to gain compliance from the suspect.

Pepper spray is usually the most commonly used, but depending on the situation, a taser gun or even a baton may be used.

There was a story in the local newspaper about a domestic violence situation in our community. It seems the husband was high on drugs and started beating his wife. She feared for her life, of course, but had a pepper spray handy and used it to temporarily disable the husband and escape. She was later admitted to a hospital with a broken nose and severe lacerations on her face.

For law enforcement officers nonlethal self-defense products play a critical role in the performance of their duties. You can’t go around shooting everybody.

For civilians nonlethal self-defense products are the most effective way to protect yourself against an assault and improve personal safety and personal security.

A taser gun has been proven to be close to foolproof at disabling an assailant by using an electrical charge that “interferes with communication between the nerves and the brain that control neuromuscular reactions by overwhelming the nerve traffic causing involuntary muscle contractions and impairment of motor skills. It literally jams the nervous system.”

Pepper sprays, also known as defensive sprays, are close to 90% effective and are effective because of the pain and the physical results they produce, which are substantial.

If you are looking for a nonlethal way to protect yourself against an assault, take a hint from your local police officers and get a pepper spray or some kind of stun gun for your own personal safety and personal protection.

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